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מדורי במה

Love entered the obstacle hall. It was one of her most tough
assignments, and she really didn't wanna blow it. They were
two people who suffered a lot in life, and this particular
mission was actually a personal one for her. Non of them
never had a real love. One of both their parents died in a
horrible accident. One of them never met his father. The
other one lost her mother a short time ago. Love wasn't sure
which one is actually worse. To know and love your parent
and then lose him, or never to know your parent at all. She
decided that knowing and then losing is worse, because if
you don't know you have nothing to miss. Love smiled as she
glanced at the huge maze that stood in front of her, full
with amazing colors and different shapes. Everything was so
glowing and inviting, Love, at first, wasn't sure it's gonna
be a tough assignment after all. She was just about to find
out how mistaken she really was. Anyway, she got a grip of
herself, and entered through the velvet door. Weird sounds
buzzed all around her as she passed through the first
corridor. It was a green corridor, filled with pictures
hanging on the walls. Love stood for a few seconds in front
of one of the pictures. It was a picture of the couple,
standing inside a club in downtown Toronto. They were
hugging, and judging by the marks he left with his hands on
her back, they were hugging really tight. As if never to let
She was crying, and his face was so melancholic, it made
Love feel really really bad inside. A second before she
almost started to cry her face off, she left the picture,
more determined than ever. She walked in giant steps, ready
and waiting for any obstacle she might run into. After fifty
meters or so, 'Distance part A' fell onto her, in the form
of a huge red brick. It smashed her into the ground, making
her spit a "Whhoorf" full of air. She took a second to
recover, and after seeing some mice passing her by, she
started to inflate. Her muscles grew magically, and with
great strength she lifted herself, with the 'Distance part
A' on her back, until she was up enough for it to drop off
of her. She deflated back to herself again, smashed the
"Distance part A' open with her mighty foot, shook a little
to get the dust crumbs off of her, and continued on. She
reached a junction in whom she had to choose between right
and left. She spat on the wall in front of her, and saw the
spit divert more to the right. She headed right. This method
never failed her. She learned it from Anger, her dear
friend. He was her enemy at work, but a very close friend
off work, when they used to go drink a couple of beers at
the local feelings pub. After walking a couple of miles with
no interference (aside from a little 'Distance part B' in
the form of a little strong looking midget that tried to
block her way with a very gruesome bloody knife. She
inflated her right leg, and kicked him really hard in the
groin. He yelled with a very high voice, and smashed into
the ground, twitching. She walked away), a big metallic door
appeared right in front of her eyes, from thin air. It was
'Time part A', and it's not made to be opened in ordinary
ways. There was no keyhole, and no opening of some sort.
Just a big metallic grey door. Love examined the door,
looking up and down for some sort of hole, but found
nothing. She spent some time thinking what to do, and
suddenly remembered her mother, Momma Love, and what she
told her when Love was very young. She said, "When you
encounter some door or gate, don't forget your size is NOT
fate." Love smiled as other memories of her dear mother
sprayed through her mind, and then cleared them off her head
quickly. She had a very important job to do, and she
couldn't waste any more time. She began thinking of a very
very small cockroach, something like an ant of some sort.
She closed her eyes and thought, and again thought, and
again, and again, and when she opened her eyes she was
smaller than the burnt, broken edge of a lightning match.
Even at the time she noticed that she is small enough to fit
under that door, and she began running. "Couldn't I shrink
myself a bit closer to the door?" she thought to herself,
while running. The distance was now a kilometer or so, and
she didn't want to waste time. She ran and ran, until she
found herself at the other side of the huge door. She
stopped, snapped her fingers, and got back to normal size in
a split of a second. She loosened her right leg, which was a
bit numb, thought about that amateur act she performed at
that door, and began running, watching the purple corridor
passing her by real quick. Suddenly, the wall to her left
broke open, and a huge, fully armed, full of muscles, ugly
man appeared from the hole created by the blast. This was
'Memory Loss part B' ('Time' and 'Memory Loss' shared parts.
Love was satisfied for that, at least.), and he meant
business. She pulled out her huge Colt 45., and shot him
while dodging a fiery shot from his Mini-Ingram mini gun.
The shot hit his left shoulder, and threw him half way
across the hall, spreading green, ugly looking blood all
over the purple corridor's wall. He got up quickly and threw
a mighty powerful looking yellow hand grenade at her. It
flew, as she saw it, in slow motion, and when it reached
half way between Love and 'Memory Loss part B', another part
of the wall blasted off dramatically, and out came a giant
robotic figure, painted in black and red shapes. This was
"Will Power", ejected from the young boy's mind, and it damn
sure was on Love's side. It snapped a huge, metallic, black
and red hand out of it's own body in lightning speed, caught
the hand grenade while in mid-air, and swallowed it with his
medium sized elephant sized mouth. Love could hear the
grenade blowing off inside of "Will Power's" great body, and
she could also see no damage reflected on him what so ever.
He smiled with his black mouth, grinning with his red teeth
at Love, and then turning, insanely looking, at "Memory Loss
part B". She could see "Memory Loss" was damn afraid. His
eyes were wide open, and his tongue was dribbling down his
chin, spreading a big stain of drool on his already-stained
military green shirt. His face became even more terrified
when that boy's "Will Power" pulled out the biggest rifle
she ever saw. That rifle was a beautiful, silver covered,
two timed, HUGE shotgun. He smiled again, eyes narrowed, and
pulled the trigger, aiming at the poor "Memory Loss part B",
who would probably prefer to be in a thousand different,
other places. A big fiery explosion came out of the really
HUGE shotgun, and "Memory Loss part B" lost his ugly head in
a spectacular light-and-sound sight of flesh and blood. He
fell on his knees, spraying blood all over himself and the
area around him, and then fell to the floor, bleeding all
over from his orphaned neck. After the shocking sound of the
rifle finished thudding all over the corridor, she smiled.
"Will Power" turned her way, shook her hand, and said "Good
Luck." "Thanks," replied Love, patted his giant shoulder,
and turned on her way. She started running again, running at
full speed like a maniac, her surroundings flying by her at
blurry speed. She noticed two holding bars in front of her,
about a hundred meters ahead. She didn't pay attention, and
continued on running fast, when suddenly she noticed that
between those two holding bars, close to the floor, there's
a wide hole. She ran too fast and couldn't stop in time, so
she tried to jump over the wide hole, but it was too damn
wide. She almost fell into it, but managed to hold on the
edges of the hole in the last second. She thought about a
way out of this mess. If she had four hands, she thought,
she could easily get a grip on those two holding bars on
both sides. She couldn't get up, because she was too weak
for that, and she already wasted her muscle inflates on this
mission. Then she remembered something her good pal Anger
once said. He said, "Don't ever forget. ALL of your body
parts, as a feeling, are equally strong. This fact helped me
many times before. I'm sure it will help you either." Love
smiled, opened a big mouth, and chewed on the hole's edge.
She held on to the edge with her teeth, while her hands were
searching for those holding bars. One of her hands finally
found one of the bars, and held it tight. She opened her
mouth, releasing her teeth from the burden of holding her
entire body, and sent her other hand to that bar, too. She
pulled herself up, and sat down to rest. She breathed
heavily, and had to drink something. But she didn't have
time for this. She had to go fast. There are two people who
would commit suicide if she will not succeed. She got up,
breathed heavily one more painful time, and continued
running. She reached a big black door, guarded by a little
green man. That was 'Memory Loss part C', and he looked at
her with great, deep, black eyes, and started picking her
brain. When she felt him entering her mind, reading her
deepest memories, her deepest fears, she really felt
wounded. She really felt like he's hurting her. She REALLY
GOT MAD. She clouded her mind from him. All she thought
about was a big wall, surrounding her thoughts, blocking him
from entry. He noticed her mental power, and opened his
little thin mouth in admiration. Then he smiled and dug even
deeper. He made a hole in her wall, and got through. That
really pissed her off. "I don't have time for your
bullshit," Love said, pulled out her Colt 45., and shot him
right between the eyes. His head blew off, spreading green
shit all over. He fell THROUGH the black door, and the door
suddenly vanished. Just like that. She saw the end of the
maze. At the end of the long corridor, there was a light, a
pink light, calling her. She never ran that fast before. She
was actually FLYING over to that light. Mines exploded below
her as she jumped, and little poisonous spiders tried to
jump on her, and she evaded them. She ran and ran, and flew
and flew, until she reached the final room. "phew", she
whispered, and advanced. In the middle of the large room
there was a big, glowing, pink heart shaped form. That was
the essence of the two people's love. This will determine
how much they really love each other. Love ran two steps,
and then jumped at the huge pink heart. She bumped into its
wall, making a noise that sounded like the saber lightning
swords in "Star Wars". She lay on the floor, amazed. "I
can't believe it," she whispered. "It's so strong even I
can't enter it without help." She opened her mouth in
amazement, her eyes wondering around in total mind shock.
Suddenly, from inside the heart, came a being of pure
energy. A glimmering light shaped as a perfect sphere. A
perfect ball. As small as little kids' football. "Hey
'Meeting'," she said, smiling. "Am I allowed in now?"
"Yes dear," said 'Meeting'. "Follow my lead. I leave a hole
when I enter." 'Meeting" entered back into the pink heart,
leaving after him a medium sized hole, closing as time goes
by. Love took the chance, and jumped through the hole, and
into the pink, glowing heart. The heart shivered a little,
inflated a bit, and then blew up in thousands of colors,
colors that human brain can't even imagine, colors that
human brain just can't receive. The colors flew around the
world, filling it with eternal happiness and bliss, and the
two people rejoined, this time forever, and became truly

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