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(something a bit old, but always relevent to show you,
beloved people, how to deal with me.
most important, remember this is poetry - don't take
anything on its superficial meaning.
a special ThankYou note to my beloved Fiona, for inspiring
as always and being there when "lovers" are not)

Was I cruel oh I bet, far too cold for your uptake, so
surprising when I appeared to be rough
Such a trap you then made, so you'd know where I stand, so
you'd take me swiftly on your behalf
If I knew, I'd be lost, but my heart was there and froze,
just to the presence of your name in my sight
And I broke down and wept on the fire that you set, but I
was meant to stay in frost all night
Well, as much as you could, you sure did all you should,
though it wasn't enough to capture me too
Just make off with me, make room for me, make love to me,
and I'll find home in you

© March 2000

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