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Fuck you.
Fuck you for being such a selfish goatfucking bastard.
Fuck you for having a screwy genetic code from one too many
inner-family breeding.
Fuck you for just being you.

I walked down Azendiar Avenue yesterday, looking at all the
poor sods that sit there in a cesspool of their own urine
and puke and all sorts of shit they cough up after a few
The Avenue is named after Jacob Azendiar, the man that rouse
to greatness by leading an army of genetically manipulated
armadillos to war with New York's finest.
They won the war and set New York on fire. But most of all
he'll be remembered as the guy who woke up one morning with
the urge to fuck his television set until he came and got
electrocuted to death.
If he could see the place they named after him. Someone
wrote, on the side of one of the buildings, "Jacob Azendiar:
he died the way he lived - all fucked up".
I'm not one to consider Graffiti as art, but it still makes
a somewhat logical statement.
  So as far as I'm concerned this place is the bloody
bottom of the cesspool of human filth that pollutes this
  Stupid us, we built these great cities, across land and
sea, spread so far and wide we can't see the ground anymore.
And we take pride in that. We take pride in fucking this
place up. And we do it so well.
  Azendiar understood all of that, he adopted the new
technologies and ideas, and being entirely out of his right
mind - he put them to a somewhat nazi-like use. He would
rebuilt a new, prospering society out of the burnt crisp of
the old one had he not died in mid-process. And still - this
place which carries his name with noticeable shame is
everything Azendiar loathed. It is a chaotic, unearthly,
unorganized, hellhole of a neighborhood. I suppose that this
comes to show that dreams of greatness, and genetical
manipulations, only bring death and TV-fucking. Though
probably more often it's death, since I seriously doubt many
people go to the trouble of fucking their television sets.
  The world by Azendiar would have been a better place, a
well organized, equal society, lead by a TV humping maniac.
  All hail the future. We're fucked.

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