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שחר אור
/ As you wish

As you wish OR Was Westley human?

Rodents of unusual size
Have ripped my body, trying to reap my soul,
Leaving me to the ministrations of a mumbling Albino, and
Treating exposed hardwiring, my sore arm,
My soaring pain, life loses its charm.
"Life is pain", I think, and it helps, maybe breaks,
And I won't tell you differently, that'd be a mistake.
Stronger than any man, more agile than any crowned,
Smarter than anyone, still considered a clown.
She left me again, my humanity hovers,
Do I ever dream of electrical lovers?
I got used to disappointments, anyone could see,
Shall I forsake my love, and go back to the sea?
When can an android in a black mask,
Consider itself flustered beyond the dark
Of an all encompassing mission to commission
The heart of a humanoid princess?

I sail my ship to a sunset golden,
My heart intact, my bonds all broken.
I am the princess, I am the bride,
I sail over the stormy tide,
My true love by my side,
To fight whatever giant or Spaniard we find.
Inconceivable? I keep using that word,
I know what it means, but today
I have broken my bond.

The machine will not taunt me,
Pirates do not daunt me,
I have free will, and free will I be.
Of the five rated kisses, I was given the first,
From the one and the only, and simply the best.
No revenge do I seek, that ship is not mine,
And I have other issues, I'll be wasting my time.
Hugs and kisses everyone, I love you I say,
But I'm sailing, no longer can stay,
The tide is calling me away,
And if ask you I may,
Do you think this happens every day?

But, see, this is not as easy as it looks,
So I'd appreciate it if you didn't distract me.
Will you let me do as I wish?

(May 2000)

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