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אמסי ענבל
/ Arise the hope

Live for today feel me! we can't see 2morrow
Lets dry our eyes and fuck this sorrow
Ive just opened my eyes 2 the advise u've been giving me
2 busy trapped in the past or 2 ignorant 2 see
Well CONGRATULATIONS! ive just arose smiling
rised up out the dumb misery now im flying
no more tears i aint got time for this krazyed emotions
stay close to 2 the people i love show all of my devotions
i aint got time im still young althought i wnt admit it i
got my whole life
i apologise 4 my strange ways and fuck wat i sed
its all M 2 the E up in here Kirs..T..Y
confident layed bk,a lil mad ..but thats ME
call my friends family and even my foes
back 2 being tha realist like every 1 knows
tears dun dried ive just killed my misrey
now off 2 tha future 2 see wat i can make of me
any doubt know im just gonna flip it
no more sadness no more pain no longer ama down wiv this
theres ppl better than me but ill admire and show love
there's ppl worse off..i wish em luck granted they sent from
in the skies watching over,so u never 4get me
happiness and smiles can go along way..miss glp

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בבמה מאז 11/1/02 17:43
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