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רון מוגלי
/ Sorry I am

Did I tell you already how sorry I am?

Here I go again
Sorry I am
For this pain
This pain I caused
So many people
So quickly
So fast
So long has been crashed
8220;boom'' - like that

I apologize to myself
For proving her the truth
I am weak
And I wish I could change that
Wish I could have changed it when it was still ''too

I apologize to you
For breaking your trust
Taking your daughter away
Doing what I shouldn't have done

Destroyed the good
You saw in my face
That bit of trust
That once remained

Oh mothers don't you know
I wish I could blame my youth
I can't find my fault to fix
And I wish to fix it all- that's the truth

An attempt to rectify my actions
But words are not enough
It was actions that caused this
And actions I must find

While I search - until I find
I hope at least you can forgive me
No don't forget, no don't trust me yet
Just forgive me- until I earn the rest.


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