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.Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away lived a princess
The princess was very beautiful and spoiled child. From the
day she was born, her parents spoiled her and gave her
whatever she wanted, because she was their only child. At
the age of three she asked her parents to fill the palace
with toys, and the next day the palace was full of toys. At
the age of ten she wanted her own horse, and ten minutes
later she was riding on ''Thunder'' (her now horse) all
over the garden. When she was twenty, she became more
beautiful than she ever was, and to celebrate her beauty
she invited all her friends and asked them to bring her
things which will make her more beautiful than she already
was. All her friends have accepted the invitation and got
,her whatever she wanted because they didn't have a choice
after all, she was the princess, but deep inside they hated
her for being selfish, spoiled and took everything for
granted. Day by day the princess grew more and more
selfish, and the hatred toward her grew stronger and
stronger. One bright day, when the princess was walking in
the garden, she heard a voice saying: ''stop being so
selfish, start loving your family and friends, or else I'm
going to dance the ''Tandwa'''', ''who's there?'' asked the
princess, there was no answer. The princess ran home to her
parents and asked: ''what is the ''Tandwa' dance?'' ''The
Tandwa'' dance is the dance of destruction, but it''
'doesn't exist, it's only a story from Hindu mythology
answered her parents and she believed them. Years passed
,and the princess still hasn't learned to give and to love
she remained selfish and spoiled, until one day when she
walked in the guards, she heard the same old voice. The
voice said: ''learn how to love and how to give to others
or else I'll dance the ''Tandwa'''', ''it's a dance of
,destruction, isn't it?'' asked the princess with a sneer
yes'' answered the voice, ''I don't believe you, I know''
that's only a story from Hindu mythology, my parents told
me'' answered the princess, ''ha... ha... ha... had always
known that it's true, the only reason they haven't told you
is not to scare you, but now it's time for you to know for
you've grown up and still remained selfish, and the
Tandwa'' dance is the punishment which deserve selfish''
kids like you'' said the voice, ''no, it's not true'' cried
the princess and ran home. The very next day she ran to her
parents and asked: ''are you telling me the truth or are
you lying to me?'' ''lying to you about what?'' asked her
mother, ''about the ''Tandwa'' dance, is it true that it's
only a story from Hindu mythology?'' asked the princess
with suspicion in her voice, 'of course it's true, come
honey, I want to show you something'', she went to the
bookshelf and took the ''Hindu Mythology'' book, she opened
''a certain page and started reading about the ''Tandwa
dance to her daughter, it said: ''the ''Tandwa'' dance was
invented in ancient India in order to teach young selfish
girls a lesson, the ''Tandwa'' dance was the dance of
destruction''. The princess gave her mother a frightened
look and said: ''so it's true, the ''Tandwa'' dance
exists''. ''What the hell are you talking about?'' asked
her mother in surprise. ''Whenever I'm walking in the
''garden I hear somebody say that he'll dance the ''Tandwa
dance if I continue to be selfish'' said the princess in a
crying voice. ''Oh come on, you know the ''Tandwa'' dance
,is only a myth, you can't possibly believe it, besides
you're not selfish'' said the mother, ''I know'' said the
princess in a low voice. Days passed and there wasn't any
change in the princess's behavior, she remained selfish. On
her twenty-fifth birthday she organized a big partying the
garden, thousand people were invited to the party, all of
them brought gifts for the princess but received no
appreciation or thank you. At midnight, when everybody has
left, came a voice from the bushes saying: ''Angela, (the
princess's name) I need to talk to you'' Angela turned
around and asked: ''who are you?'' ''Come towards the
bushes and see'' said the demon. Angela started to walk
.toward the bushes; suddenly she stopped and stared at him
He was ugly, red from head to toe with yellow eyes, black
horns, black tail and a nasty smile. ''who are you and what
are you doing here?'' asked Angela, ''my name is Tarka, and
I'm here to teach you not to be selfishly doing the
Tandwa'' dance'' answered Tarka, ''well, let's see you''
''try'' said Angela with a sneer, ''ok, you asked for it
,said Tarka, all of a sudden the ground began to shake
Angela turned around and saw that the walls of the palace
,were also shaking and pieces of them were already falling
she turned around to face Tarka and said with tears in her
eyes: ''stop it, I beg you'' ''now you want me to stop? But
,I thought you don't believe this crap'' said Tarka laughing
I do believe it'' said Angela crying. ''Will you stop being'
.selfish?'' ''yes, just stop it'' said Angela still crying
The shaking stopped, and Tarka said: ''look Angela, I give
you fair warning, stop being selfish or the consequences of
my ''Tandwa'' dance will be worse'' he said it and
disappeared. Days passed and Angela started to show love
towards her friend and family. After a few days Angela's
mother started to suspect that something has happened to
her daughter, so one day she took Angela by the hand and
they went to walk in the garden. ''Angela, what the hell
happened to you?'' asked her mother, ''what the hell! I
couldn't have put it better myself'' said Angela, ''what do
you mean?'' she asked, ''there's a demon called Tarka in the
''garden, and he's doing the ''Tandwa'' dance of destruction
replied Angela, ''why?'' asked her mother with a smile on
her face (she obviously didn't believe Angela), ''because
he wants me to stop being selfish'' answered Angela, her
mother said with a smile: ''I've already told you, you're
not selfish, and now please stop telling lies, because if
something serious will happen to you, no one will believe
you''. ''but what I'm telling you it's true, I swear'' said
the princess with tearful eyes, ''yeah right, if it's true
than I'm a tomato'' said Angela's mother and started to
walk home, Angela shouted something after her, but her
mother hasn't heard her. One day, when Angela was walking
in the garden, she found a beautiful ring, at once she
picked it up and thought to herself: ''that ring will be
mine, it's so beautiful!'' then all of a sudden she heard a
familiar voice saying: ''don't be selfish, leave the ring
exactly where you found it or else... '', Angela didn't pay
any attention to this and gripped the ring tightly in her

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