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אלה כץ
/ My Jurney

My heart heard bells and shimmered awake
he got a little scared, but he'll be ok
you know, he slept for so long
and you're not such an ordinary wake-up call

in a dark, lonely winter, in a far away land,
I packed up my bags and said "not again"
I got covered with ice
and took the first runaway train from pain

here I stand with my wall
so strong and so tall
but just say the word and it's ready to fall
see I've been through so much
I'm not scared anymore, besides,
if you've never been broken you'll never be whole

a new, foreign country, so different from home
it was fun and exciting, but cold and alone
and the ice on the wall started itching
I wanted to feel something

we met on the terminal of the runaway train
and for you I'd have risked even feeling that pain,
but I guess I'm insane-
why do I have to want what i cant contain?

but let me say thank you for breaking my heart
'cause I'm not running away now, there won't be a new start

Thanks for making me feel-
I am broken, but now I am real.

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