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דניז סיקרט
/ still together

Through watery eyes he looked at her
And didn't mind where they were
And with a desperate voice he said:
"Without you I'm as good as dead.
You are the air I breathe my sweat
And without you my heart can't beat
The time apart consumed my soul
You are my everything, my all.
In every sound I hear you dear
With every wind I feel you near
With every bite I taste your lips
In every touch I feel your hips
My sleep wandered every night
My thoughts and memories I couldn't fight
Your smell surrounded me in bad
At times I thought I'm going mad
Don't ever leave me, my love, my light
I'm bagging you, you hear me, right?"

On her red cheeks the tears went down
She tried but couldn't make a sound
She held him close and squeezed him tight
And everything was turning bright
The heart was no longer aching
It wasn't cold, but she was shaking
He hugged her softly and kissed her neck
She felt chills up and down her back
She gathered every strength she had
And in a weak voice she said:
"I love you too, my other half
The time apart was worse than death
I'll never leave once more, I swear
Being far I can not bear
You are my soul mate, anyone can tell
I'll grow old with you, you know it well"
He jumped with joy and lifted her high
She was his girl and he her guy

Today they're old, but oh so glad
They're still together hand in hand
Their love is going strong by day
Not many the same could ever say

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