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When the Cherry blossoms in Japan
And the wind whistles high in the reeds
Moses rode his crib across the waters
And Paharoh marched into the Red Sea

The lady and daughters worked their hearts out
Cleaning all those pesky crumbs under the beds
And her husband prayed in his Tallis
That the kids don't ask for too expensive gifts

But Hershie wanted a new bike
And Gitty, an IdeaPad S340
What shall he do, Oh what shall he do?
Seder night arrived, and the moon shone bright

But when the 4 cups were drunk, and it was time to unwrap
the final matzoh
Where is it? Who stole it? We need to bench soon! Midnight
is coming!

Daddy asked Mendel: "Do you have it?" he answered: "Not me"
And Shoshy said: "Hey, don't look at me! I never laid on it
an eye!"
The Grinch stole it
And ate it up
And the Winehouse family used plain Shemurah Matzah for
afikomen that year.
Happy Passover!

היצירה לעיל הנה בדיונית וכל קשר בינה ובין
המציאות הנו מקרי בהחלט. אין צוות האתר ו/או
הנהלת האתר אחראים לנזק, אבדן, אי נוחות, עגמת
נפש וכיו''ב תוצאות, ישירות או עקיפות, שייגרמו
לך או לכל צד שלישי בשל מסרים שיפורסמו
ביצירות, שהנם באחריות היוצר בלבד.
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