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We grew apart, you changed your heart
And I can't feel you anymore.
Lately, I can't feel myself.

Still her:
Your words still haunt me,
When you say nothing at all.
I'm going to keep the distance,
And I can't feel you anymore.

And my hands are still around her
But she can't feel a thing
I'll slice her open
And she won't even scream
I'll make her bleed
And she's not going to fear
I'll be the death of her
And she's not going to resist
She could be the end of me
I should stab her first


Police Officer:
Why did you do that?

She destroyed me, so I had to hurt her back.

Police Officer:
What did she ever do to you?

She was so much better than me and she would never love me.
I just couldn't stand that.

Police Officer:
Why didn't you just let her go?

I'm a narcissist, man. We can't just let people go. We keep
them locked inside a cage until they lose their minds. And
then they die.

Police Officer:
So, you killed her?

No, no, you see, that's the beauty of it! she did all to

Police Officer:
She killed herself?


Police Officer:
So you drove her insane so she killed herself. And your
hands are clean.

Smart, huh? now, no one can blame me. She crazy! She fucking
killed herself! you see? she's fucking crazy!

היצירה לעיל הנה בדיונית וכל קשר בינה ובין
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נפש וכיו''ב תוצאות, ישירות או עקיפות, שייגרמו
לך או לכל צד שלישי בשל מסרים שיפורסמו
ביצירות, שהנם באחריות היוצר בלבד.
בבמה מאז 4/10/16 6:12
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