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''Take a dip breath before you start playing Triz. Make sure
the door is locked and your mobiles are off so nobody will
disturb you in the middle. Why? In one minute you will
understand it all... The truth is that if you are not brave
enough, it is better you stop here. This game is not for the
timid and the shy and may deter you a bit. If you indeed
plan to continue than make sure you are not to be seen.''

This book was written with a goal, tell the life story of
an individual who more then all wanted to become a TAGI
Master and influence the world, making a difference.
You are all invited to join Captain G., the brave and his
friends Jenny, the noble curious ostrich; the foolish funny
donkey with no name, Boopy the detective Sparrow and many
others on their journey and learn one or two things about

Toy and game inventor

The girl on the beach
G. liked the beach, he liked going there every day watching
the big blue, swimming or playing on the beach building
castles, or just laying under the peach tree, enjoy the
shade and taking a rest. One of the days G. got up from a
after swim nap and noticed a little girl playing on the
white sandy beach; she had a wheel attached to a long stick
that she pushed flying bubbles up in the air and leaving
marks on the sand where the waves were playing 'love you -
love you not'
''What are you playing with?''
''I am just singing for myself,'' replied the little girl
with a smile.
''Sounds very fun, what are you singing?'' asked G.
''Nothing special''
''I can see the rainbow in the bubbles, this is really cool.
Hi look, it is written on the sand: 'lilili, lilili' this is
what you were singing, amm so the wheel writes whatever you
sing to it, wow, this is super cool,''
The girl laughed together with G.
''No, you silly it can't write words. Look again what it
does and you tell me, ok?'' said the little girl and sang to
herself while pushing the wheel that started playing music
and flying bubbles as it moved.
''I sang 'ce la vie' It is a famous song I like,'' explained
to G.
''Can I try the wheelie myself?''
''Yes, sure why not, go ahead,'' said the girl and handed
over the wheelie to G.
''Ce la vie, ce la vie, ce la vie, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3,
lalalali, lalalali, ce la vie,'' sang G. while pushing the
wheelie that played music and flew air bubbles up the air.
''Funny ah'' said the little girl wearing a big smile on her
''I like it too,''
''It gave me an idea to make one that can be used at home, I
am sure that my Mom will love it, think of it, instate of
bubbles it cleans the rugs while moving, what you think?''
asked Kingamela.
''Funny and practical, I wondered if it can find gold, but I
like your idea better'' replied G. ''that could be super
cool, and here look what a nice deign it left on the sand,
Wow, wait a minute,'' G. said and jumped aside when a wave
just came and wiped all.
''Please,'' G. handed back the wheelie to the little girl
and said, ''I am G. and I am very happy to meet you. Those
where nice designs, It's a shame that the waves erased it
''Time erases all anyway,'' replied the girl in a shy way
''what really matters is how you feel about it all,''
''I will come here to play tomorrow, will I see you?''
''Maybe,'' replied the girl
''Ok, so tomorrow then, hye, I forgot to ask, what is yr
''My name is Kingamela,''
''So see you tomorrow Kingamela, and hye, not everything!''
''What 'not everything?'''
''Time doesn't erase all!'' he said and ran away crying the
song stuck in his head ''Ce la vie, ce la vie, ce la vie, 1,
2, 3, 1, 2, 3, lalalali''

The very next day G. arrived to the beach and noticed many
children playing at the beach,
Some were playing with orange squab gloves and a ping-pong
ball and some were flying kites, he looked up in the air on
the different kites and was happy, here she was, that little
girl again, she had a line attached to her arm, he raised
his sight and noticed a kite, ''wow'' he said and watched
her flying the kite magnificently in the air,
''Hi G. it's a lovely day, ah? Want to see something super
cool?'' asked Kingamela
''Yes, of course'' he said and stepped a few more steps
closer to her but not too close not to interrupt her
maneuvering the kite in the air,
Kingamela looked at G. and then raised her gaze up, placed
two of her hands around her mouth and cried load, ''Hello
Mr. kite!''  Then they saw how the kite became swollen in
sky into a shape of a big fish-balloon wearing a smile.
''Wow, wow, wow! Super duper, yupidiye, what do you say, for
a minute I was thinking it will draw something in the
''You have a great imagination G., I just pushed the button
here, you see,'' said Kingamela and handed Mr-kite over to
G., ''now get it down and we do it again.''
''Ce la vie,'' said G. and pulled down Mr-kite.
''Did I sing it right?'' asked G.
''Almost, u said it in a very funny way; By the way, I
wanted to ask you about your special wear, why you dress
like that with that hat and three orange feathers, a silver
chain around your neck, an orange belt and a sward? Are you
a pirate?''
''No I am not a pirate; I am a toy and game inventor. This
is why I was excited of your idea yesterday.''
''Thank you G.''
''Kingamela, how come you have such cool toys?''
Just then a thunder was heard up in the sky over the sea and
the wind started blowing harder, ''I believe we will have to
leave before it rains, see the clouds coming fast from
west,'' said G. and pointed toward the sea.
''Let's stay a little longer we have time until it arrives
here if at all.''
''But see the other children are leaving already,'' replied
''Let's stay just a little more,'' and all of the sudden the
sun appeared again behind the clouds in the sky.
''You see, I told u we should stay a little longer.''
''If you like inventing toys you must know the wonderful
wizard, Master Ora; she gave those to us. She has all kind
of toys and games she wants us to play with as like this she
can test them or something like that. She lives just close
by, half a mile from here, want to go and meet with her? All
children go.''
''Well not today, I have to go now and work on a new toy
''OK G. another time, was nice seeing you again, will you
come here tomorrow?'' asked Kingamela.
''Maybe'' replied G. and laughed together with his new

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