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נתנאלה בקומה
/ Homeless Home

It was one morning of all mornings that he knew he reached
the point of no return. He made himself a cup of tea and sat
down by the window to drink it. When he finished, he got up
to the kitchen and made himself a tuna sandwich, he shoved
the sandwich into the inner pocket of his coat, and got
outside of the house.
"Louie!" he called, the tired old dog stretched his body and
walked slowly up to him. "Good boy" he bends down to pet
him. He locked the house. He closed his eyes and put his
hand on the door, a cold shivering hit his back as a well
sharped knife. All the memories and dreams are now all left
abandon and broken inside this house. He climbs down the

"Louie, now you listen to me, I know you don't do this
often, but you really need to listen to me this time." The
dog tilts his head aside, and moan, he didn't understand his
old confused owner. "I'm going away. I am not leaving you,
but you have to like your new owner, she is a nice shy kid,
promise me you're going to skip the years where you going to
turn her life into a nightmare." The dog revealed his teeth,
in anger. "Promise!" the old man yelled. The dog bends down
his head in sadness. "You are alright, Louie. You'll be just
fine", said the old man, stroking and hugging him for long
moments. One heavy teardrop landed on Louie's collar. The
excited redheaded child came over and took Louie away, they
both separate knowing it was going to be okay. The old man
gave the child a candy. "Thank you Mr. J", said the kid, the
old man smiled and went his way.
All those isolated years, left him bitter and broken
hearted, he decided he's making the first and last journey
of his life, he needs a hug.
He went to the park and fed the pigeons. He absorbs the
nature and all that surrounds him. He set there watching the
leaves sere and landing softly on the soil.
Night fell, it was now midnight, and the sky painted black.
He wander around aimlessly, he knew he was supposed to look
for a nice bench to pass the night on.
It was a long night of all nights. The screaming from the
fight between two homeless people woke him up. It was cold
and his coat was soaking wet.
For one second he didn't know what was he doing there, but
after that second the purpose was crystal clear. The day has
come when he needs to claim his hug from the world.
He rolls up his sleeves, opened his arms, and throws himself
to the street, to the world.
He walked for hours with his wandering arms. People gave him
a strange look, like they were frightened or upset. At
first, he didn't understood why, but then he thought the
people that were walking by, they probably assumed he was a
homeless, maybe that was reason for the food and money.
The nights were the hardest part in this. Homeless were
screaming out of their sleep or fighting over a piece of
cardboard. He once witnesses a brutal rape. He looked up to
the sky, asking his beloved an answer for cruelty in the
world. He cried like a little boy.
He became bitterer knowing so much people passed him by,
people gave him things, things he didn't really wanted and
the one thing he yearned for in order to die in piece, they
were too cold distant hearted to give him that. He wasn't
worried about food. It was easy. People were kind enough to
give him that, at least one person in a day.
The years went by, and he barely remembers the touch of the
shower stream on his body. He looked more and more
neglected. What led people to think he was a homeless even
His heart slowly turned rough, but he insists to remind
himself what he was doing there. He never talked. Never said
anything, never asked for anything, it was all one big fat
assumption, what people think the lower society need from
them, and what they can contribute to help.
They gave him food and a blessing, they gave him money and
told him not to buy something that would've deteriorate him-
if he knows what it means...; they gave him money and walked
him to a store nearby, to make sure he was buying food or
medication, as long as it's not drugs or alcohol. He always
had to pretend and to do this act for them, like he really
needed their money that bad. He would have done it, so they
just let him be, plus, it was entertaining for him, he
didn't had something to do all day long, but wandering
around with his arms wide open.
One afternoon, he collapsed in the middle of the street,
some stranger called for an ambulance. They arrived and took
him to the hospital. In the hospital they searched his
pockets for an ID and saw his name. When he woke up, they
told him he had a heart attack, and that his immune system
is slowly crashing down.
"Say, Mr. Johnson, we are consorted; it is dangerous for
someone in your age to just walk around and live in the
street, and for no reason? I know it is none of our
business, but we know you own a house and you have enough
money to live comfortably. What were you doing there?" He
didn't answer or say anything. Just smiled tiredly, looking
outside the window. It was the first snow. He sense it was
coming soon. He promised his beloved he would leave the
earth in the same season she did.
Next time he woke up, it was 4 days later. He notices the
nurse enter the room with a tray of food for him. He
laughed, looking outside the window. He promised himself and
her, he will do it for the last time.
Slowly and carefully he opened his arms. The nurse put down
the tray, her eyes sparkled, and she approached and hugged
him, wrapping her arms all around him, and stroking his
He smiled satisfied, the heart monitor showed a fine
straight line.

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