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די בי
/ Home At Last

I've lost the concept of family,
I've always been bossed around
How can I receive a fresh start
While everything I do is being watched.

I know people wish for support at hard times,
People want to be loved unconditionally
They learn from their mistakes and help the rest
But what about those who wish to be lonely?

Blind I was to my family drama
My drama family has gone too far
And I can't pretend, no longer
I've got to stay afar.
No-one will know what name to call me
And I won't be asked how I feel
Blindness will step away from me
And I'll be home at last.

I grew being monitored, being watched everyday
I haven't learnt my lessons my own way
Words have been put in my mouth
And their lies have covered my eyes.


Find my peace, a quiet place
To live alone with my thoughts
Find my home, where I'll be safe
Only with me and my self.


I'll be home at last.

היצירה לעיל הנה בדיונית וכל קשר בינה ובין
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נפש וכיו''ב תוצאות, ישירות או עקיפות, שייגרמו
לך או לכל צד שלישי בשל מסרים שיפורסמו
ביצירות, שהנם באחריות היוצר בלבד.
בבמה מאז 16/4/09 5:53
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די בי

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