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קובי אור
/ When you come

When you used to fall asleep
I used to look at your face
The peaceful rest that you had with me
Is something I will never forget
I miss the way you sigh at night
The natural smell of your body
I miss the way you say good night
And cover yourself with my arms

The tons of salt on the fish
A sign that you are in love
The cup of tea with no sugar
To preserve the taste
I envy the open handed lobster on your plate
That's being eaten by you
In such a lovely way
And it seem like a good way to go

There was fire in your touch
That I can never explain
Which burnt
And there's still a burn in my heart.
I cry now like a wolf to the sky
And it's very untypical you know
I miss you and I'm not afraid to show it
To the world. To myself.

Each song reminds me a story
That I never wanted to end
With you, with me, with us
I am sorry, but I can no longer feel pain
As I live it by the moment
And it's hard to get free
Of such love that I have for you
It's uncommon to say the least.

People say to let go
But I have no answer
Inside I know that one day it will happen
And you will rediscover that my love is for real
In the deepest sense of realism
There's so much that I want to say
So much that I need to do with you
If you'll come. When you come.

I will be waiting.

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