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The phone vibrated telling me that yet again I was needed,
my editor was on the line, he wanted me to do a story about
some bizarre family which consisted of Georgina Greenfield,
her nephew Louis Lock and her cousin Trixy Nelson. My editor
told me that the reason they're a bizarre family is that
strange things are happening around them, so he asked me to
find out what's going on there.
When I was on my way to their house, all the people of the
town warned me not to go, saying that strange things are
going on there and that it's dangerous to go there. But I
didn't pay any attention to them. I'm an investigative
reporter and my editor counts on me to bring in the story of
this bizarre family.
When I arrived there, I found the artsy Louis Lock trying so
hard to read Dante's divine comedy to his elderly
grandmother, while her cousin, Trixy, the punk rocker, was
playing guitar very loudly.
After what seemed like forever, the noise had stopped and
they turned to look at me. During the short time I had been
there, I noticed that Louis and Trixy live in a totally
different world than Georgina. Georgina was elderly lady of
85, she wore a green cardigan sweater, her face was
wrinkled, she had white hair and walked slightly hunched
over using a cane to help herself, she had elbow patches for
some reason, maybe she had open wounds, or maybe she had
arthritis, I decided not to ask about it. Anyway, she seemed
such a nice and quiet old lady, that I thought there
couldn't possibly be anything bizarre about her, as opposed
to her nephew Louis and her cousin Trixy.
Louis was an artsy fellow of 32 years old, he wore a poet's
uniform which included a black turtle-neck sweater, black
pants and black shoes, he had a shaved head, a goatee, two
earrings, thin silver bracelets and rings on each finger, he
always carried an old copy of Dante's divine comedy with
him. He was noisier than Georgina, but much more quiet than
Trixy. Trixy was the noisiest of them all, she was a punk
rocker of 29 years old, she looked like a 1970's English
punk rock star with pink hair and a pierced face (she looked
like she had just fallen into a box full of nails), she wore
red plaid pants and a pair of high black boots, the toes of
her boots were painted with anarchy symbols which meant that
she liked to boss everyone around.
So, I started the interview. First I decided to interview
Georgina, because she was the oldest of them all, so she
might know more about the family than the other two. It
turned out that Georgina and her family are descendents of
the Greek witch Medea, and their actual ages are as follows:
Georgina - 1500 years old, Louis - 1000 years old
and Trixy - 500 years old, and the thing they want the most
is to get their massage out, and the massage is that they're
here to stay and that they come in peace.
It was up to me to get their massage out and tell their
story, because no reporter before me had dared to approach
their house.
I sat open mouthed listening to Georgina's story, I was
amazed to hear that Medea had three children from her
husband, Jason. One of the kids was killed by Medea out of
revenge for Jason's betrayal, the other two escaped, they
were Georgina and her sister, Ella.
After years of traveling together, they had to go their
separate ways, and so Georgina came to Athens, met a man
called Meneleus Strange, fell in love and married him. Only
then did she discover her magical powers, she told Meneleus
about this. At first everything was alright, but when she
was in her third month of pregnancy, Meneleus suddenly left
her. Georgina didn't know where to go, her only relatives
were her parents and her only sister, she didn't want to go
to her parents, because she knew that her mother wanted to
kill her and her father didn't want her, he had disowned her
a long time ago, and she also couldn't go to her sister
because she didn't know where her sister was, so she had no
choice but to go to the hospital to give birth. Her water
broke before she reached the hospital, so she had to give
birth on the pavement. The nurse saw her from within the
hospital and rushed out to help her, alongside her came a
doctor who helped her to deliver the baby, but unfortunately
the baby was born dead.
Meanwhile somewhere in Greece, Ella gave birth to a health
baby boy by the name of Louis Lock.
In her despair Georgina suddenly had a vision, in the vision
he saw her sister and her address, she knew where her sister
was. A week afterwards Georgina decided to go and visit her
After 10 hours of travel, exhausted she came to Ella's
village. Ella welcomed her sister and gave her food and a
soft bed, she presented her son to Georgina, telling Louis
that Georgina was his aunt. Many years passed, Georgina
continued to live with her sister helped her with the house
and helped her to raise Louis. Louis became a handsome young
lad and when he was 13 years old he discovered his magical
powers, he decided to keep that fact a secret, he told
nobody except his mother and aunt who were also witches.
He decided to do his first degree in English literature,
which was his major in high school, he liked it so much that
he was called ''literature freak''. When he had finished, he
was called ''artsy Louis'' by his friends.
One day when Louis was in a poetry meeting, and Georgina was
shopping, there was a riot. The people of Ella's village
discovered that she and her family were witches and wizards,
so they stormed into Ella's house killed her and burned down
the house. Meanwhile, when  Georgina was at the supermarket
she saw the vision of Ella's death and saw the angry faces
of the people of Ella's village, she understood that she
couldn't go back to the village because the people wouldn't
leave her alone and would hunt her until she was dead, they
didn't want people of her kind around. She communicated with
Louis telling him her thoughts. Two hours later they met and
decided to go away. They bought a ticket to Holland, and
four hours later they were there, they rented a house in the
country and lived there in peace.
One day the lock family received a phone call from a girl
named Trixy. Who claimed that she was Georgina's long lost
cousin, she told Georgina that Medea's sister, Trixy's
mother, also wanted to kill her out of revenge for her
husband's betrayal, however, Trixy managed to escape. So
they agreed to meet the following day at the Aalten train
When Georgina arrived at the train station she saw a strange
girl with bright pink hair approaching her, it was Trixy.
From Trixy's story, Georgina understood that Trixy never
bothered to hide the fact that she was a witch. She said
that when she was a little girl, people used to maltreat
her, they would beat her, lock her in the basement, deprive
her of food,, and all that with no reason at all, then when
she grew up and discovered her magical powers, she decided
that using her magical powers on these people would be a
proper punishment for the maltreatment she had suffered when
she was a child. Then one day she announced that she was a
witch, at first no one believed her, and people continued to
maltreat her. And then one bright afternoon, several people
from Trixy's village had bizarre and terrible accidents, two
of them turned into ugly little green toads, and five of
them suffered from some inexplicable illness and fear which
attacked them at night. At first they thought that it was a
punishment from God for maltreating Trixy, but soon they
remembered Trixy's announcement about being a witch. So they
decided to follow her, following her proved to be a hard
task to carry out, because she knew she was being watched,
therefore she covered her tracks and continued in secret to
curse and punish the people who maltreated her, so they
could prove nothing. She wanted them to come to her on their
knees begging her to stop the punishments and begging for
her forgiveness, but that, of course, didn't happen. What
happened was this, one day the head of the village decided
that Trixy should be burnt at the stake (the people of the
village were no longer confused, they knew for certain that
she was a witch). She decided to escape, but first she would
play along, she would come quietly. The crowd gathered to
see the burning of a witch. At precisely two o'clock in the
afternoon a loud thunder exploded in the sky, there were no
clouds, and instead of raindrops they saw Trixy, she looked
more beautiful than ever. She looked bigger than everybody
in her magical splendor. After two minutes she vanished into
thin air, and was never heard of again. Trixy finished her
story and Georgina was amazed by it, she asked Trixy how she
knew where they were, and Trixy said that she had had a
vision of her and her family since growing up. After two
hours of sitting there, they headed home.
On their way home, everybody looked scornfully at the two
women (especially at Trixy), because they knew what had
happened in her village five years earlier and they knew who
she was, and when they saw the two women together they
assumed that Georgina was also a witch, though not as evil
as Trixy. They left the family alone.
After a month, when my article about the family came out
people began to understand what happened to that family and
what they had been through, still, there were some who still
wanted to avenge the people of Trixy's village, but because
their fear was so immense, they left the family alone. So,
Georgina, Louis and Trixy lived in peace without bothering
anyone or being bothered, after 3000 years of hardships.

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