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Why, sometimes, I don't want to see you:

When you were just a kid, you tasted it.

First you smelled it, a year afterwards you had a sip of the
Apple juice- and it was the sweetest thing you ever tasted.

You wanted to drink it forever;
You imagined your future- how well you will take care of
that dreamed up Orchard.

Then you grew-up (just a bit) and learned that you can't
have anymore Apple juice, you could, physically reach and
drink- but you shouldn't- because it doesn't go with your
body type- it's not good for you. It's bad.
(and it IS possible that it is this realisations alone which
made you even older)
Still you never forget your love for Apples- or the
sweetness of Apple juice; you only vow never to taste is

And you dreamt of that Orchard, and you saw it in your
dreams, and tasted it on your lips. And time passed, and you
got over it. You got over it. But every once in awhile the
taste would come back, or you just miss its smell. But you
keep to your word- you stay away from what is bad for you.

So now, you find yourself in a desert.
A bit thirsty, a bit hungry- I wouldn't say dying- but a
cold drink of water would have done a lot for you. A cold
drink of water would have taken you a long way.

Now, Imagine a figure approaches you.
And it is offering you a drink - and you suddenly feel just
how dry your lips are- and you reach- and he hands you a
glass with Apple juice.

Yes. Really. Think about it.
You are walking, dying for a drink.
Would you really want to see Apple juice?

I wouldn't even want to see the glass it was in- though I
COULD handle it.

But I wouldn't want to see the Apple juice.
And I wouldn't want to meet that figure.

That's why, sometimes, I don't want to see you.
That's why, sometimes, I don't want to get on that plane.

3rd July 07

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