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The feeling of not belonging
Is drenching down my spine
I just want to leave... disappear
To early
It's suffocating me like hell
Tormenting me from my breath
Looking for somewhere to hide
Looking for a place to run to
Packing my things in a bag, and leaving everything
Making my own truthful place in life
Under this unlocked sun, moon and stars
I can really know where I am going
What I need and want
I see what is coming to me again
I can see a light
Shaped like an angel
Touching me... not trying to
Dozing on this tender grass
Turning my head up with a cigarette in my mouth
Under this unlocked sun, moon and stars
I'm thinking of her
Of her lost eyes
The eyes that hopefully look at me again
Some day
I need her head on my chest
I need my lips on hers'
I need to stop this now
Staying here is best thing I've ever done
Just me, her and my guitar
Come a little bit closer
Let me taste you again, let me know you
Let me sleep
Under this unlocked sun, moon and stars
One last time before I'm gone
From here
Taking what's left for me
Joining to this perfect thing
The only thing I can really call perfect
The only thing I can completely love
During valuations of what I've got so far
Of reposing from myself again
Under this unlocked sun, moon and stars
In the end I want to die

...With you

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