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Some people get what we call ''a once in a life time
opportunity''. We just forget that there are other ''once in
a life time opportunities'' right around the corner.
Maybe that's just what I think, because I had it good, I
travelled the world, done different jobs, knew what I
wanted... and oh- got lost.
That happened too.

Maybe there is no such thing as once in a lifetime. Each
life time is a never ending spiral, or cycle, and it all
repeats itself and eventually it all ends. I mean,
everything is Eventual, ask Stephen, he can tell you.

On that note, I would just like to say that opportunities or
not- every moment is part of this lifetime; and therefore
any chance you get- is- of this lifetime. Whether you will
be offered it again is a different matter. If you wanted it,
you would take it and make it your life- if you didn't- then
you wouldn't, right?

How many times to you get the chance to fly to your dream
location? To meet your hero? To do what you have always
dreamed of? I guess really only once. Because once you had
the opportunity- it isn't your dream anymore- either because
you took it, either because you realised- that's not what
you really want.

Knowing what you want. Now that is a subject I have been
quite stuck over. Knowing what you want is easy, I mean- you
want it, right?
I use to think it's like that. And that sometimes you
realise you want something else more, or you want it less
than you thought, or you just find something else to replace
But what if you can't find a replacement?

The wheel has seemed to turn so many times, and it all
seemed to crash back down- and you are not sure when it will
continue and take you up again- nothing you really want to
reach up there anyway.

I guess wanting is also eventual? Or is it Eventual? Does it
drive us forward? Or do we run out of drive, and then just
don't want anything anymore?

I have the opportunity of a lifetime. I can be whatever I
want. I am young, and can learn quite well. So they say.
And I don't know what I want, and every offer seems like
Yes, as I said- I got a bit lost. (or am I just insane?)

My effort to complete simple tasks seems wasted- for no task
is completed- or done well enough- and I am tired.
''How can you do nothing, and say you are doing your best?''
well, I don't know how to answer.
I wouldn't venture I'm a loser, because Wilde once said
''you are not a failure until you give up'' or something
like that...
My sister says if you don't give up but you continue to fail
''you are an idiot''
So maybe that's how I do nothing, and say I am doing my

But I AM doing my best.
Which makes it worse- if my best is nothing.
And the Wheel keeps turning.

Eventually the opportunity of a lifetime will show itself,
and my dream will come true? Is that the plan? Or is that a

I don't dream anymore.

But I think people DO get their opportunities of a

5th April 2007

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