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That's it, Mary-Jane, he took-off for real
Climbed into his safety-net as if it's no big deal
He mumbled all around but you marked every word
"The end of love is not the end of the world"

That's over now, Mary-Jane, stop
No more stolen kisses on a random roof top
You won't have to wonder in dark alleys no more
Of whom were the lips that have kissed you before

He's not yours anymore, believe me, it's done
Now it is finally your turn to move on
But remember, Mary-Jane, you mustn't trip
He won't be back saving you again in a skip

That's enough, Mary-Jane, there's nothing more there
You won't get lost again through long wires of hair
No one will wrap you with spinned-threads no more
You won't hang on strings between shreded stars and shore

That's it, Mary-Jane, now you're alone
You're not thinking anymore of what could go wrong
But beware, Mary-Jane, do not forget
You don't want to get caught
In another spiders`

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