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מדורי במה

I remember the day I met her in person.
She wasn't all that, but she was enough for the time
I knew she has been trying for a couple of months to follow
me around, and eventually she was hoping to get me into
asking her out.
I did, after a lot of serious thinking.

I was actually recovering from an embarrassing situation
with someone who was special to me. Her name was Claudia and
she was dreamy.
She was blond, happy, funny, pretty, but not very smart.
I started talking to her on a vacation, when all
highschoolers were out in a disgusting place down town.
Everyone was there. From eleven year-old-girls who wanted to
show their new bought boobies, to senior junkies who went
there to have a last time out with friends. I went there
with my private "gang" of close friends, five guys having
the time of their lives. Eighteen is indeed THE age. We were
just baking some potatoes, preparing to leave, but then,
accidentally, I saw Claudia. My potato was rolling right to
her feet. So we started talking, she was eighteen as well,
though six months older than me. It was a great deal of luck
that both our classes were having a psychology test that
day, so I suggested that we could hook up to study together.
She didn't really want to, but I knew she felt extremely
flattered, so she agreed. I asked her out right after we
finished our study, and she said "Yes" that appeared to be
like an unwanted "No".
You want to know why she said yes but meant no, right?
Well, that's because of the girl in the beginning of the
story. We shall call her, just for now, Tulip.
Tulip and Claudia were best friends. They spoke on the phone
every day, read the same books (Claudia didn't actually read
them...), studied for the same tests, wrote on the same
tables and laughed at everything laughable.
Claudia knew Tulip was into me. Seriously. Despite that, she
agreed every time I suggested we meet. So we've met at her
house, mine, Cafes, the beach. Tulip never knew. Exactly the
way I didn't know someone wanted to spend some time with
Of course I had my pile of good friends, female ones; they
were all acting very weird when I said I was going out with
Claudia. They asked me not to tell anyone. They never told
me why, but Tul (short for Tulip) told me later on. She was
sobbing really hard...
All that time I went out with Claudia, we haven't told a
soul about our feelings, until she broke up with me. Then
she told me Tulip was supposed to be with me, and she
couldn't continue on pretending she likes me, just to
prevent others from being with me.
You see, she was a possessive, selfish little child. I
stormed out of her room, and went to my house that evening
in the pouring rain.
When I came home, I saw Tul standing in the front yard,
talking to my mom, and preparing to leave. When she saw me
she started crying.
She told me she had hoped I would understand, but eventually
has given up any hope that I would ever like her.
I tried my best to calm her down, and then when she did, I
offered her my bed and went to sleep on the couch.
I couldn't sleep that night.
Kept thinking about the poor situation.
Being a game tool for Claudia, being something else for
I felt anger at Claudia for lying to me, and treating me as
if I was her trophy for not having a serious boyfriend for
I thought of Tulip.
She was nice, smart, funny, but... something was missing.
She wasn't Claudia.
She wasn't charming, pretty.
I've decided to give it a chance, and the following morning,
when she woke up at my bed, I've asked her out.
Post-factum, turned out I was right to give her a shot.
She was amazing. When we went out, when we walked in the
park, when we kissed, she was my best friend and more. I
always wanted to hear more, to see more, to feel more. I
never felt controlled or played with like with Claudia.
Every day my feelings for her have grown, and since we've
been in our last college year, I've asked her to merry me.
She agreed and we went out to celebrate, to drink and
I was in love, she was in love. I was the happiest man

It might sound really weird, but I haven't even met her
folks. I knew they were somehow connected to the underworld,
crime, murders, you know, typical underworld.

Well, her dad did something wrong for the wrong people, she
got kidnapped and tortured, and then she died.
The bastards shot her, and then locked her dad in jail for
life by tipping the police about his business.

Is there a conclusion?
I'm afraid not.
I continued with my life, I still drink in pubs with buds,
still meet with friends to go to the cinema, still dance at
parties, still go out on dates with smart, beautiful, funny
young women, but once a month, I go to see her grave, I
change flowers, I talk a bit about my life, I tell her
constantly "I love you", I cry a lot, and I think I can hear
her answers on a clear day.

There's no way in the world I could ever replace my first
true love, Is there?

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