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Int. Hanley's resident-Butterfly's house. Day

We see a window, a simple normal clean glass window. A
butterfly just landed right at the middle of It. the
butterfly is beautiful and colourful. He rests on the glass,
moving his wings slowly, gently, and delicately.
A Few seconds later a hand presses the butterfly against the
window. The little creature dies slowly.

Int. Hanley's resident-Butterfly's house. Day

Sherry Hanley is a beautiful woman in her 40's. She sits by
the mirror observing her face. She has smooth skin,
mesmerising blue eyes and long dark black hair. She looks
tired and unsatisfied with what she sees. She takes a
picture that stands beside her, we see a picture of hers
when she was in her 20's at some beauty pageant, smiling and
waving, wearing a crown and holding a bouquet of flowers.
She puts the picture back and stares at herself again in the
She gets up and starts walking around her house. She has a
beautiful organised Victorian styled house. She's checking
everything is in its place.
She gets to the kitchen and sees her daughter Butterfly- a 9
years old, lovely girl with curly brown hair and green eyes-
doesn't look a bit like her mother, sitting by the dinning
table near the kitchen and drawing a picture.
Sherry stares at her angrily.

What are you doing?

I'm painting.

I can see that, but why does it have to be on my table?

Butterfly's not responding, keeps painting a little bit

You're getting it dirty with your colours and crayons.

I'm not using any crayons.

I don't care, I want you to stop doing it right now.

Butterfly keeps painting, ignoring her mom.

Butterfly? Did you hear what I said?

Butterfly's not answering, painting faster then before.
Sherry gets really angry, goes to the table, and takes the
picture out of her hands and rips it off to pieces In front
of Butterfly, who's looking at her and at her picture, gets

Go to your room.

Butterfly keeps sitting there, staring at her mom.

What are you deaf? I said go to your room.

I made that for you.

Too bad, I didn't ask for it, did I?

I... I know, b... but I wanted to make you something

Sherry looks at the ripped picture.

You call that thing beautiful? What is that supposed to be

A flower.

Well it looks like a piece of garbage to me, god Butterfly
you can't even paint straight, what are you? Retarded?

I... I'm sorry

You should be, look at all the mess you made, look at my
beautiful table... It's ruined because of you.

Butterfly looks down at the floor, a long shameful look.

Just go to your room.

Butterfly gets up, takes the ripped picture from the floor
and exits the room.
Sherry takes a wet towel and start scrubbing the table

Ext. the Hanley's backyard. Day.

Butterfly is at the backyard of her house. She walks a few
steps forward, picks a place in the ground and starts
digging a hole in it.
She puts the torn picture in the hole and covers it back
with dirt.

Int. Butterfly's elementary school. Morning.

The school Butterfly goes to is a normal elementary school-
neither too big nor too small.
Butterfly walks through the hallway. The other kids stare at
her and whisper behind her. Butterfly ignores them and keeps
on walking until someone puts his leg In front of her and
makes her fall on her face and hit the floor.
All the kids are laughing at her, she's not responding, she
gets up slowly, just to see a 9 years old boy In front of
her, looking at her with an evil grin.
The boy's name Is Tommy.

Hey freak, didn't your mom teach you how to walk?

Some kid from the crowed
Don't you mean her crazy mom?

Everyone's laughing. Butterfly keeps quiet, doesn't have any
expression on her face.

What is your problem? I asked you a question.

Leave her alone.

Everyone gets silent, shocked with the new development.
Tommy sees Kim coming at them from the crowed.
Kim is also a 9 years old girl, a beautiful blonde haired
with angelic face.
Tommy looks at her amazed with his mouth shut.

Why can't you go picking someone your own size?

Why can't you stay out of my business?

You know Tommy, your chances ending up in jail next to your
father keeps growing everyday.

All the kids are laughing at Tommy now.
Kim takes Butterfly by the hand and pulls her out of there.
They keep walking in the hallway leaving the other kids and
Tommy behind.

Don't mind him, Tommy is a loser. I'm Kim by the way, what's
your name?

You're beautiful.

Kim laughs and holds Butterfly's hand in hers. Butterfly
smiles back at her.

Int. Matheson's resident. Day.

The front door is opened - Kim and Butterfly enter the
house. Kim is holding a flower and Butterfly looks all
around her, checking the house with excitement. The house
looks completely different from her house. It's very
unorganised, very unstyled, pretty messy but very warm and
KIm's mother - OlIvIa - a pretty woman in her 40's, she's a
bit large but seems very nice and sympathetic being, yells
from upstairs.

Kim sweetie? Is that you?

Yes mom.

Olivia comes downstairs, sees Kim and Butterfly and she
kisses Kim on her forehead.

I see you brought a guest.

Mom Butterfly, Butterfly mom.

Butterfly? What a unique name.

Butterfly (with shyness)
Thank you Mrs. Matheson.

Oh and a polite one (she smiles at Butterfly) but you can
call me Olivia honey.

Oh mom, look what I found in our backyard?

She hands her the flower.

Oh Kimmy, that is beautiful.

Aren't you mad?

About what?

She ruined your garden.

Olivia looks at her puzzled.

Sh... Should I be mad?

My mom would.

Olivia smiles uncomfortably.

I'm sure she wouldn't, If you gave the flower to her as a

Butterfly smiles at them, not responding.

So how was school today?

It was fine. I'm hungry.

Your dad will be home soon, you think you can hold yourself
a little bit?

I guess.

So how did you girls meet?

Kim's beautiful.

She Is, Isn't she?

She touches her daughter's hair softly.

We're lucky to have such a beautiful and a good girl.

Butterfly stares at Kim and her mom hugging and laughing.
She smiles.

Int. Hanley's resident. Night.

Butterfly enters the house with her bag on her back and goes
straight to the living room. She sees her mom sitting on the
couch, watching television.

HI mom.

No response.

I'm sorry I'm late, I was at a friend's house.

What friend? You don't have any friends.

Now I have, her name Is Kim, and she's beautiful, you'll
love her.

Sherry continues watching television. Butterfly goes and
sits next to her, putting her head on her lap. Sherry
doesn't touch her.

Mom, do you think I'm pretty?

Unfortunately, you got your father's genes.

I'm sorry I can't be beautiful for you.

Sherry ignores her.

Mom, I got you something I think you'll like. I didn't ruin
anything for it either.

She opens her bag and starts searching for something In It.
she gets a little brown box out of it and hands it to
Sherry takes the box and opens It. she sees a dead squished
butterfly In It. she screams and drops the box to the

Sherry (screaming)
Oh my god, are you out of your mind?

Do you like it?

No, I hate It, It's disgusting. Take that thing out of my
house right now!

But... but I didn't ruin anything for It...

I don't care!

I just... I just wanted to bring you something beautiful...

I don't want your beautiful things, keep them to yourself
and out of my house.

What If I'll bring you Kim? She's beautiful... I promise...
I swear you'll like her...

What are you talking about? Who the fuck is Kim? Butterfly
go to your room, you annoy me.

Mom, when is daddy coming back?

Go to your room Butterfly.

I just... I just wanna know...

Go to your fucking room!

Butterfly takes the box from the floor and exits the room

Ext. the Hanley's backyard. Night.

Butterfly digs the hole she made earlier and puts the brown
box with the dead butterfly In It among the torn painting.
She covers it back with dirt.

Ext. the Matheson's backyard. Day.

There's a torn newspaper on the floor with Kim's smiling
face on it and below her there's a ''MISSING'' written in
big black letters.
A leg is stepping right on Kim's face. We see the leg
belongs to Butterfly who walks round Kim's house. She stares
at a flower that grows in the ground. A single flower that
looks exactly like the flower that Kim gave her mom. She
sees the flower and rips it from the ground.
While we see that we hear a female reporter's voice over.

It's been 3 days since 9 years old Kimberly Matheson
disappeared In the middle of the night. There are still no
leads on what happened to the little girl and her

Butterfly goes closer to the house and watches from the
window Olivia sitting in her kitchen and crying. Her husband
enters, sees his wife in tears and starts hugging her from
behind, comforting her, trying to make her stop crying.

Here are some of the hard things that were said in the
conference meeting that was held yesterday by Kimberly's

Olivia (crying)
We beg you, whoever took our daughter, please bring her
back. She is such a sweet beautiful and innocent child.
Please don't hurt her... we're ready to pay any price for
her... she is the light in our life... without her the house
is in a complete darkness.

Butterfly keeps watching the Matheson's couple hugging and
crying. Her face shows no emotions at all.

Int. Hanley's resident. Day.

Sherry is sitting by the mirror, watching herself with
disgust, touching her face.
Suddenly she realises that Butterfly stands behind her,
stares at her.
Sherry doesn't turn around.

What now?

I want dad.

Too bad. We can't have what we want.

Why not?

Because life sucks, that's why.

I want dad.

Good luck finding him... I'm not stopping you.

When will he come back?

He's not coming back, ever.

Why not?

Because he hates you, he couldn't stand looking at you.

You're lying.

Am I?

He loves me, he told me. He thinks I'm beautiful.

Yeah, he loves you, right... he loves you so much and he ran
away from you.

May... maybe he ran away from you.

Really? And why would he do that?

May... maybe... May...

Maybe, maybe what?

Maybe... maybe...

Sherry (shouts)
Speak goddamn it, stop mumbling.

Butterfly (screams)
Maybe because he found something more beautiful than you.

Sherry gets quiet. A tear rolls down on her cheek. She gets
up, goes to her daughter and slaps her face hard. Butterfly
doesn't respond, she just stares at her.

Sherry (choked with tears)
Your dad is not coming back... now go to your room.

Int. Hanley's resident- Butterfly's room. Day

Butterfly enters her room, she goes straight to her bed, and
she bends over and pulls a picture from beneath the bed. She
looks at the picture, It's her dad holding her when she was
a baby, he is smiling at her, and they look very much alike.
She takes the picture and exits the room.

Ext. the Hanley's backyard. Day

Still holding the picture, she's outside, walks a few steps
and starts to dig the same hole she buried the dead
butterfly and the torn painting. Now we see that amongst her
buried things- lies the dead body of Kim and the flower she
ripped from the Matheson's backyard. She puts the picture in
the hole and starts to cover it with dirt until everything
turns black.

Fade out.

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