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די בי
/ whisper

Only a whisper will save me of death
yet it won't get into my horror's depth.
You refused to tell the truth
and lied
you didn't know it'll awake my wrath
and our love had died.

Save me of painful separation,
tell me that towards the end you'll show objection
Cause I can't live without your love
whisper to my corpse and save what's left
of our love.

You hollered that you're numb and can't feel
I guess you just didn't want to deal
Only if the wall between us will break
I thought
somehow we'll be able to make
our love breathe again.

I don't know if you'll show compassion,
I don't know if you'll react.
I'm lost in my thoughts
can't find a rescue,
Only know I'm here, with what's left
of my love to you.

was written on a bus in a cloudy and cold day. with no
special reason why... I just remembered "Whisper" of
Evanescence and the song popped to my head...


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