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its my life
its my mystakes
its my life
whatever it takes

nowone will tell me what should i do
you chould love me and i chould love you
we will be free to kiss and love when we want
without any people that telling us dont

a lot of time i have little dream
i wanted to be your first, hard that it seams
i want to kiss you and fill that your mine
to be just with you to fill that i'm flyien
now i know my dream will never cometrue
dont even metter how many things we past through

its my life
its my mystakes
its my life
whatever it takes

i know you tried so hard to love me too
it comes or not what could we do
i can living my life and keep asking whay
whay you so love him and whay you not mine

i cant live without u i think that u know
we so like a brothers i love u so
if you gave me a chance it could be so nice
its like competition and you are the prize

i prommis you never be alone again
i never leave you, you always be my friend
so dont cried because thats the way it have to be
mybe one day u can open your hart for me

i will living my life waite for this day
pleas dont go, because i want you to stay

its my life
its my mystakes
its my life
whatever it takes

its my life
its my story
its my life
if you dont like it
i'm so sorry


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