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אסף דראל
/ Dream Reality Dream

I wake up in the morning and I ask myself is life worth
living or should I blast myself to quote from a song I once
heard. Never the less I do wake in the morning not to blast
myself but still the question remains for what you opened
your eyes. Life has a way of juggling your moods like the
dislocation of a shoulder. What I mean is it changes your
perception of things at times like dislocating your shoulder
or more to say dislocating your feelings. To live is to
bring your thought and inner feelings to life. But what
happens when your thoughts and feelings change, does that
mean you change the way you see life all the time. For me
the answer is yes, my reality changes all the time for
better or for worse at times. If one asks himself how do I
make it real, it being your inner perception of how life
should be, then the answer is make your reality is as you
feel every second of the day. But at times more than you
want one can't see life from within and live it in reality
in the same manner. At times I feel my best hour is in my
sleep, when I walk with her through the park at night, when
I am strong and my world is in its reality that I like. So
now I woke up and the question still remains, to make my
reality good to me.

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