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As a new sun rose up in the Land of the Herbs, Shantra
decided to make new rules. The people of the town gathered
outside the palace and Shantra stepped out to the balcony to
deliver her speech. "May this day be remembered as a sad
one, my people." She opened dramatically, "there has been an
attempt to overthrown me, and until this problem is solved,
no one shall walk the streets or fly after sunset. The town
will be on curfew until this problem is behind us!" Shantra
thanked her people and returned to the palace.
That night all the lights in the city were dimmed and all
the pubs and stores were closed. Only one person was still
out. Trend was still on the mountain top, trying to think of
a way to help Lucid. He looked up at the full moon and
called out desperately "maybe you can help me find an
"Maybe I can" a voice answered.
Trend jumped back astonished and saw Tyle standing behind
him. "I knew I would find you here" he said "don't you know
that Shantra put a curfew on the town? She has all her
forces out looking for you!" but looking around him he
sighed and said "well, they won't find you here. After all,
only you, I and Lucid knew of this place." "Listen, man,
I'll try to fill you in on the situation" said Trend
quickly, "in a nutshell, I smoked some herbs with Shantra,
and then I spoke to Lucid in the bathroom, and Lucid told me
that Shantra has taken his soul and now Shantra wants me
dead and Lucid wants to live, and..."
"Wow, man" Tyle raised his hands to stop him, "calm down and
tell me exactly what happened. Don't worry, together we'll
find a way out of this mess."
Trend told Tyle all about the purple stone and how it held
the source of Lucid's soul. He told him that it had to be
destroyed in Shantra's presence. And so Trend and Tyle spoke
all night and managed to think of a plan.
The next day Tyle arrived at the palce and demanded to see
Shantra, saying he knew of Trend's whereabouts. Shantra
wanted to hear more and ordered the guard to bring him to
her room. "Listen, Shantra" said Tyle, "I know I said I knew
where Trend was but the truth is; I wanted to talk to you
about Lucid."
"What do you want to tell me about Lucid?" Shantra asked
"You see," Tyle said, "Lucid and I once cut our hands and
mixed our bloods, so I thought that if I mixed my blood with
yours, we could be some kind of a family."
Shantra felt something was strange, but promiscuous as she
was, she dismissed her suspicions and looked at Tyle "I know
of a different way we could mix bodily fluids without having
to bleed," she said, "come lay down with me" and she put out
her hand invitingly.
"The plan is working" thought Tyle to himself and joined
Shantra at her bedside.
A few minutes later, Trend flew as a bat into the room and
slowly made his way to the chandelier and reached for the
purple stone. He pulled the stone out but suddenly lost his
balance and fell down. Shantra was now aware of his presence
and threw Tyle off her "you traitors" she cried and called
for her guards. Five guards entered the room and Shantra
ordered them to arrest Tyle and Trend.
Trend saw that the situation called for some quick thinking.

"You're time is up, Shantra!" he cried out and threw the
purple stone against the wall. The stone shattered and
purple smoke emerged from the debris. As Shantra inhaled the
smoke her eyes turned green. She tried to cry out "arrest
them!", but the guards didn't respond.
She begun to tremble and fell on the floor twitching. Purple
smoke filled up the room and when the smoke faded, Lucid was
seen lying on the floor where Shantra lay just a few seconds
before. Lucid slowly got up while Shantra's guards fled out.

As lucid got up he had a very intense look on his face, and
as he trembled he reached out for his friends and said"I
understand now", "understand what", they asked him. "Lets
just say the meaning of friendship" lucid said and put his
arms around his friends.

Lucid was crowned king again, and the old law was
reinstated, only men could change into bats.

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