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It is fifteen years later now and Lucid, the son of this
land's emperor, had a recurring vision that entered his
dreams. The vision was of a woman who, although being
beautiful, she had one deformity about her. She had long
legs that lead up to a slim waist and a full breast; her
neck was like that of a swan and her long black hair flowed
down around it. Her arms were also long but her hands were
shaped like the hands of a scorpion. Every dream Lucid had
lead him closer and closer to her, but in his last vision he
saw her near a pond in the forest he knew. He could feel
that she was his destiny and that he would find her one day.

One night Lucid went out with his two best friends, Tlye and
"Hey Lucid," asked Tyle "where do you want to soak your
royal roots tonight?"
"How about I soak my royal roots upside your mongoloid
head!" replied Lucid angrily.
"Come on, you two" sighed Trend, who was the diplomatic
negotiator of the gang "you're acting mentally limp again."

Lucid turned to his friend "come on, let's go to the
mountain top" he said "there are some important ideas to be
"Oh, yeah?" asked Tyle sarcastically "like what deep rooted
ideas you could possibly have?"
"Don't be so negative, man" Lucid answered patiently, "I
want to tell you about my last vision."  Trend looked up;
"on one condition" he said wickedly, "that you fill us in on
the sexual parts" Lucid put his hands over his eyes "only
the lord knows why I hang out with you guys."
"Come on" Tyle said putting his arm around Lucid's shoulder,
"who loves you more than us?"
"That's what worries me," answered Lucid jokingly.
He looked up and pointed his finger out above the city "come
on, were outta here" he said, serious again.
The three changed into their bat-like form and flew over to
their favorite spot which was a small mountain above the
woods, overlooking the city.
"I know where she is," Lucid opened once they got there "in
my dream the other night I saw her bathing in the pond by
the forest. I know she's there!" he said excitedly.
His friends exchanged glances "Lucid, please remember there
is a very fine line that seperates the sane from the
insane," Trend said cautiously "since you are starting to
think your dreams are real, I'd say you are very close to
the danger zone of that fine line."
"It's okay to be a little insane," Tyle said half-jokingly,
"as long as you respect the bounderies of society."
"Looky, looky, what we got here" said Lucid, "a couple of
modern day geniuses" and he burst out laughing
uncontrollably. "I'm sorry, you guys" he said when he calmed
down, "but sane or insane, I'm going to find her."
Tyle pulled some herbs out of his pocket "well, we took care
of business, now some pleasure."
They passed Lucid's black pipe from one to another and took
hits from the herbs. Twenty minutes later they were under
the heavy influence of the sensations of the herbs. Trend
and Tyle were both into 'gold,' but Lucid was into 'nature.'
Tyle took a deep breath in, "I'm alive tonight!!!" he
shouted out suddenly. "Let's go back to the city and find
some action, people!!" he said, but Lucid got up from the
rock he was sitting on and shook his head "you guys go
ahead" he said "I'll meet you later."
"Oh, come with us" said trend, but Lucid shook his head
again, "No" he replied "I' wanna be with myself for a
"Suit your self" said Trend, "later on, Lucid" said Tyle and
they flew off the mountain and back to the city.
Lucid was restless and he kept pacing back and forth on that
mountain top for half an hour. He couldn't decide whether to
go and look for that mysterious woman or to neglect his true
desires. "That's it" he said finally, "I've got to see
whether she really exists!"
Lucid flew off the mountain top and went looking for her,
stopping at first at the pond near the forest. He searched
the forest for some time with no result, and just as he was
about to give up his quest he heard some noise from behind a
tree. He stepped up closer looked around. All of a sudden,
like a bolt of lightning, something jumped out from behind
the tree, and knocked Lucid off his feet. As Lucid looked up
he saw the most beautiful and vivid vision he had ever seen.
It was her. She was yelling something at him but all he
could think about was how she was everything he imagined. He
got up but as he appraoched her she began to run. Lucid
quickly followed her, and after a short chase she stopped
and turned to him
"What do you want from me?" she cried, "go away! Leave me
Lucid stopped short in surprise, "don't be scared of me," he
said softly "the last thing I want to do is to hurt you."
And quickly, before she will run again he added, "I've seen
you in my dreams I know that we were meant to be together."

"I don't want anyone, so leave me now!" She shouted at him.

Lucid stepped closer "I will leave you" he said sadly "but
you must at least tell me your name"
She looked at him in suspicion and eventually said "I'm
Shantra, and you are leaving"
Lucid put out his hand "I'm Lucid" he said, "nice to meet
Hesitantly, Shantra touched lucid's hand and pulled away
quickly. "I'll leave you now" he said, "as I promised."
He turned away to leave but Shantra cried out "wait, don't
Lucid turned back to her "I'm glad you changed your mind" he
smiled softly, but Shantra leapt and threw her arms around
him. Lucid was surprised, but he held her tightly and could
feel her body trembling. "Don't worry" Lucid said, "You
won't be alone anymore."

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