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עמית חביב
/ MAGIC TIME: Prologue

Since the age of 6 Terry has developed a certain fondness
towards the woods,
He used to visit the forests of Grandlin at least 4 times a
week, each
Time trying to find a new place a bit darker and more
mysterious then the one
He visited last time.
This fondness Terry had towards the woods soon became the
key feature in his
Life, sometimes it seemed as though he knew the forests
better then the back of his hand, Just to find himself
discovering a new place which he never seen before.
Until one day when going to one of his favorite hangouts in
the forests he found a small dark cave, which he could have
sworn wasn't there yesterday. He marched in feeling the
gentle breeze die away as he entered deeper and deeper in to
the cave, the temperature lowering and the light beginning
to disappear as he descended.
But he didn't mind the low light or the temperature because
of the years he had spent walking along the woods in places
much colder and darker then most people could even imagine.
When Terry started to think that this cave will just get
darker and darker until he wont be able to see a thing, he
was blinded by an incredible beam of light so white and pure
that he thought he would go insane if he wouldn't know how
such a magnificent
Sight is created, flowing this thought he began walking
towards the light, the closer he came to the light the more
he wanted to get to the source and then suddenly he feel
He woke up hearing a strange voice shouting in his ear
"I said who are you boy".
Terry opened his eyes to find himself blinded by the light
of the sun, but he quickly came around and said "I am Terry
who are you? ".
The small creature which terry assumed been asking the
questions started walking up and down near what Terry now
noticed was his bed.
"I am Geam the Lapracun, but what I meant by saying who are
you is more to say what are you?".
Terry, stunned by the strange question started mumbling
"what do you mean when you say what are you".
The Lapracun seemed as though he thought for a moment and
then said, "Well I am a Lapracun which is perfectly normal
for this place, but you, you don't seem like a Lapracun to
me you are to tall, and you cant be a giant you don't look
strong enough, nor do you have the height, and you are
defiantly not as good looking as a Nymphen male no offence,
so what are you".
Racing his thoughts against the new knowledge he received
Terry was sure he was being tricked, this was the only
logical explanation, there cant actually be Lapracuns in the
world...but seeing a 3 foot tall human after walking inside
a cave will be even less sensible. Terry decided that this
is defiantly not the time to find out whether Geam is
telling the truth or not, and that's why he decided to humor
Geam's request and tell him what he was as strange as this
question might sound "Well if I had to tell you what kind of
creature I am, I would have to go with human ".
Looking now at the shocked face of the Lapracun terry
started wondering whether he has done the right thing
telling Geam that he is a human "y-you are a w-wwwhat".
"I am a human". Said terry in an uncertain voice.
"You have got to be kidding me humans where extinct a long
time ago"
"Well I think you got you're numbers wrong, because there
are at least six milliard of us, and I would hardly call
that extinct" said Terry with a slightly angered voice,
totally expectable from a person who was told that his race
was extinct".
"Yeah that doesn't exactly sound as extinction to me, I will
have to agree, but if there are actually six milliard humans
on this planet how come I haven't ever seen one, or anyone
else for that matter for at least ten thousand years".
Taking a deep breath and looking extremely pleased of
himself Geam begins talking again "You're appearance must be
some kind of a trick iludiunus the god of trickery is puling
on me, now be gone feeble illusion and let me rest at
Becoming slightly panicked Terry started saying" But I am a
human, and I have no idea how I came in here or how to get
back, I know you think I am an illusion but you have got to
help me".
"Ok you might be telling the truth, but if you are a human
there is no good talking to me, you will have to go to a
greater power, you will have to visit ora-agean".
Suddenly with no prior warning Terry's lips began talking
without his mind approving first "very well where can I find
this ora-agean".
"Its just around the corner of the pond I can show it to you
if you'd like to, I never miss a chance visiting ora-agean
when there is a stranger in town, and I would especially
hate to miss such meeting if the stranger is a human".
Then with a lighter voice Terry said "agreed, you would take
me to Ora-agean, and in return you will get the privilege of
After a few minutes of walk in the near the lake Terry began
to notice that the village is inhabited not only by
Lapracuns but is also inhabited by many other kinds of
creature's that Terry only heard of in legends.
After a few more minutes of walking alongside with Geam
Terry started looking at the incredible architecture, he saw
houses which where the size of a palace standing on a small
tree, or fountains so vivid and flowing that they almost
looked alive, everything in this place looked as though it
was painted by the skillful brush of an extremely talented
artist, Terry was so inflamed by the colors that he almost
started screaming with joy but then Geam told him "were
Loosing focus for a second Terry replayed "where is here".
"At the entrance of ora-agean house of course" said geam
with a tench of boredom in his voice.
"So where is she".
"You didn't expect to just see here without showing that you
are worthy first, now did you? ".
Now frustrated Terry said, "What do I have to do to see this
Ora-agean? ".
But before Terry has finished pronouncing the last voule a
magnificent voice that almost sounded like a song came from
"Thou shall not enter the hall of the divine Ora-agean
without proving the world that you are worthy of her
"Now sounding a bit cynical Terry said "And how exactly am I
supposed to prove that I am worthy of the great Ora-ageans
The moment Terry said, "prove" three people appeared out of
nowhere each holding a pole.
One made out of gold, one made out of platinum and one made
of light, which looked exactly like the light he saw when he
was at the cave.
"Now choose wisely and with no fear because righteous heart
will never fail, one gift is the tempting and one is just
dumb, you're one request will be fulfilled and that is all
that can be done".
Slightly confused by the words he hears Terry decided to
listen to the song's advice, and then as naturally as he
could he said "I choose...The lig... no "said Terry with a
smirk on his face "I choose to talk to ora-agean".
A smoke screen came upon Terry and Geam and they suddenly
found themselves in a big room, completely green from all of
the plants that grew in it.
In the middle of the room there where two cabinets
containing all kinds of potions and medicine; next to the
cabinets Terry saw a gigantic cage with a creature that
looked strangely enough like a hamster, only much bigger.
Walking from behind the cage he saw a round dark figure
staring right at them with a surprised look.
"You are not the normal townsfolk, now are you? ".
"No I am not," said terry.
"Following from you're wish I understand you wanted to speak
with me? ".
"Well I expected you to tell me how to go back to my world,"
said terry with a somewhat less confident voice then
Ora-agean has opened here mouth again but this time there
was a much deeper and more freighting voice
"leave this place?, After all the power I had to use to
reactivate the port between our worlds, and all in the hope
that a stranger will stumble upon it and enter".
Taking a small breath she conditioned "and now you wish to
leave? ".
After the little speech Ora-agean gave, Terry felt ashamed
and even frightened to ask Ora-agean to leave, but
nevertheless he still knew he had to go home" Well yes I
want to go home, is it so incredibly hard to comprehend".
Now in a softer voice then before Ora-agean "I am sorry for
my outburst it will not happen again, but as for you
leaving, I am afraid there isn't much I can do for you, the
reactivation of the old portal and the process of dragging
you into our land Has simply caused the it to collapse. And
now the only portal between our worlds is the portal in
"Well how do I get there?" said terry.
"You don't, even our best magicians couldn't break through
their defenses let alone enter their portal".
"Why did you have to teleport me in here and how am I
supposed to come back home?" said Terry in a terror filled
"Now you are asking the right questions," said Ora-agean.
"You have been summoned in here because we needed help".
"And how am I espoused to help you?" said Terry with a
surprised look.
"Well although you can't help us now, it doesn't mean you
don't have potential.
You see, long ago there was a great prophet who lived in our
lands, his prophesies have never failed us and he was well
respected by all of the people of our lands, but then one
day he gave a prophecy that devastated the entire kingdom,
he foretold that in this year an evil will raise and will
take over the lands, and then a human hero will appear and
there will be a fight, the prophet didn't tell us who will
win the fight but the hero is you, and you are out only
After hearing the prophecy Terry said in a doubting voice "I
am no hero you've got the wrong man, and even if I where the
hero how am I supposed to beat this evil if you're best
mages couldn't even get through a barrier he made and I cant
even match them".
I know you are the hero, only a true hero will have the
bravery to get into the cave you entered, and as for the
power you said you don't have, well that's is not true
because all humans have a natural affinity for magic, they
can wielder it better then any race can, and are able to
achieve much higher powers then the ones of a magician or
even a wizard, they can get to the powers of a sorcerer and
you have already proven you are able to understand magic
because I have never mentioned there was a barrier standing
in the city of holskeep you have understood it yourself, and
with the proper training you will be able to use almost any
kind of magic".
Then in an interested voice terry said "and where exactly
could I get such training?" "Well I think we could work it
out by you joining the normal students of course we will
have to cast an illusionary spell on you, people can't know
you're a human now can they...I believe the best choice for
you is to look like an elf, because they have the most
similar parentage to yours, that wont be such a big
transformation considering the fact that you both came from
the same race".
As Ora-agean finished talking she began making strange
gestures with her hands and began mumbling a few words,
which Terry couldn't exactly hear.
The second she finished mumbling Terry felt a strange
tingling sensation inside his body, as if a waterfall of
little drops some hot and some cold was falling on his body.
He looked in one of the bottles in the room and saw a
reflection he didn't recognize. "Now we only have to find
you a more suitable name for an elf and no one will know the
difference, but I think you should choose you're name". Said
"But I don't know what names elves usually use" said terry.
"In that case I can give you the all knowing book of names,"
said ora-agean trying not to laugh at the situation.
"Ok I'll take a look at it," said terry while ora-agean has
brought the book into his hands.
The book looked as if no one bothered looking at it for
centuries and had strange carvings on it, terry decided to
open the book but instead of opening at the first page the
book simply opened in a random page where only one name was
written, then Terry heard a deep old voice inside his had
"have I made the right choice..."
The voice was still echoing in Terry's long pointed ears
when he said in an almost hypnotic kind of voice "as of
today I shall be known as galowin".
"An honorable choice my dear but you really got to learn to
protect yourself from spells, that book nearly had you in
his control. But that's what we are here for know aren't
Taking a little pause Ora-agean started speaking again but
this time in a sadder voice then before "learning magic this
days is not as safe as it used to be so before I will say
anything else I have to know galowin, are you willing to
help us? ".
"I think I... " Ora-agean stopped him and said "think before
you are answering, this choice will affect you're future but
it will also change you're past, if we wish allowing you to
study magic in our world, I will have to send you back in
time, to the time when the evil forces haven't been formed
You will be sent alone, no one will know that you are a
human, not even you, the journey in time will erase you're
memory and will get you to the past as an elven baby with
the name of galowin.
I know it's a though choice and I know that even if
everything will go as planned it will still be the most
dangerous feat ever preformed by a man, but you know you
have got to do it, the future of both our worlds depends on
the choices you will make as of now or should I say then".
"And what are my other options" said galowin.
"I am afraid that the only other option is to seat in here
until you or better say we are destroyed".
"Then what exactly do I have to consider its not like I have
a real choice, as I see it, it is either me going to die in
the hands of an evil creature that will attack me while I am
unable to protect myself, or me risking death trying to
prevent those creatures from killing you.
I don't like either of the choices and yet the second one at
least gives me a chance to survive, which means I choose to
go back in time to learn how to defend myself".
"I am sorry for making you choose between this fates, but I
never said that being the hero of both realms will be easy.
And now let us get to the task of sending you back in
Ora-agean lifted her arms above her had then moved them down
in some kind of a complex gesture and then finished by
shouting "TEMPUTARE"

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