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To: Anat <>
From: Darling <>

I just have to tell you,
I enjoy your idiotism so much, I think I'll frame your
comments on the wall
and read them over and over.
Thank you so much for the change you brought into the lives
of so many photographers and critics, of course.
Male Daling.

p.s. Write me back! I'll hang it on the wall next to your
brilliant ideas on plagiarism!

To: Darling <>
From: Anat <>

Dear Darling,
It's O.K. to despise me, for I am not nearly as perfect as
you are. I am sure that despite the fact that you find the
photographer's work clever and original, your wit is admired
by world wide photographers. My deepest appreciation for the
contempt in which you hold me, and my endless desire has
just become to please you with my humanly mistakes. I still
feel that his photos, at most, are not as perfect as you
must be.
It is my right to think otherwise, however silly you may
find my foolish opinion. Also, it is my duty as a human
being to make mistakes, as long as I try to correct them,
which I have, and in public. I am not nearly as brave as you
are, to write an e-mail like this. Personally, I place my
comments to people whom I haven't met yet on "",
in the little link we like to call "response". My unpopular
opinion is open for the world to see, and so is my mistake -
the world may mock it as much as its perfection allows it.
Since I am not so perfect, mock as you like.
Someday, when you will do something unpopular and also make
a mistake while at it, I am sure you will enjoy the insult
of responding to cowards such as yourself.
Is it not so perfect to be public about your own ideas?
Or was it just difficult to use the "response" option?
I am far too stupid to analyse your perfection, your
Your reasons are beyond me.
And frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.


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בבמה מאז 3/11/04 2:49
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