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טום מור
/ Eternal Silence

It's midnight, in a desolate park, once it used to be a
beautiful sight, the sun shown through, and laughter forever
filled it...
Now it's grown out, unattended to, none ever comes anymore,
none cares for it, it became ugly, and was thrown aside. I
still go to this park though, I'm its only friend now, and
much like it is to me. I used to come here so frequently in
the days, and still so frequently at night when the moon
would show through. I used to have someone i met, this was
where we'd meet and spend hours with each other. Her smile
was the sun, how foolish I was, to ever think I would be
anything else but this. That day the trees betrayed my sun,
darkness grew, and all the words echoed in this empty place.
I sat here for days...unable to escape, unable to move, and
not even the moon could bring light into this place. This
was the day she left me, centuries ago. This was the place a
new life was born to me.

My angel came so calmly to me one night, so serene, and she
brought with her a full moon, that this black forest yielded
to. Her words were like that of waterfalls that gently
trickled into a great roar that devoured me, round me in its
essence. She told me, she could bring me the strength of the
ages, she could grant me the beauty of the moon, and the
mystery and awe of the stars. I was so weak, I couldn't dare
to dream of such a thing, so weak this broken heart had made
me, but I thought, maybe my angel could bring a cure. That
was the day i knew the sun would never shine again, I had
forsaken my sun, for my moon that promised me the world. And
here I am again, all alone, in this desolate place night
after night, staring up into the sky, pondering over my
decision, my choice in life and in death. The mortals so
curious, sneak there way into my world at night, to see if
it's true, that in here lies a ghost, some supernatural
creature that sits as if waiting for something...
No I'm not waiting, none will come, none but the curious
victims of a dying world, who wish they could escape it,
like me. But here in this world of mine, what have i
escaped, the screams of a dying world, for the silence of my
own. And there's nothing here to be said, just listen and
you'll hear...
Silence is the sound of our hearts dying, dying from
loneliness, dying from betrayal...Dying slowly, without a
sound, dead long ago, but still it breathes, and wonders
when it was exactly that death had betray it, and if,
infect, it had betray death...But no answers are spoken
here, just silence, silence that only questions this empty

היצירה לעיל הנה בדיונית וכל קשר בינה ובין
המציאות הנו מקרי בהחלט. אין צוות האתר ו/או
הנהלת האתר אחראים לנזק, אבדן, אי נוחות, עגמת
נפש וכיו''ב תוצאות, ישירות או עקיפות, שייגרמו
לך או לכל צד שלישי בשל מסרים שיפורסמו
ביצירות, שהנם באחריות היוצר בלבד.
בבמה מאז 31/8/04 4:32
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