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"If hearts had a brain, mine would be the dumbest."

(Well, I never heard anybody say that, nor read a quote much
like this line, but I'm quite sure someone smarter than me
already thought of it. It's quite a good line, no? And I
ain't that smart. Problem is I can't quote myself. Plus, I'm
not a known man to be quoted with this line, not to mention
some other lines I wrote in my short past. My short past
kinda sucks. Now that I think of it, I do get quoted
sometimes, but always by angry ex-girlfriends, and the quote
itself is always something I said regardless to context.
It's always somehow regardless to context. Ex-girlfriends
tend to do that. Take me out of context. Hmm,
non-ex-girlfriends tend to do that too. One other thing that
crosses my mind right about now, is that those quotes,
regardless to context quotes from my past quoted by my
ex-girlfriends (or non-ex), those quotes always, somehow,
connect (by association post today's context) to this line
you see up there. Think about it. If I can get myself quoted
like this, even if it's out of context, by angry
ex-girlfriends, then this must mean that if hearts had a
brain, bla bla bla. You know?
One other thing. This line you see up there, it's one of
those lines I always wanted to know how to write a poem
about. You get one good line, you think about the context,
the entire atmosphere surrounding this line, and you write a
poem around it. This has always been my method. That's why
my poems all suck. They are more Brain than Heart. Thought
the line they are based upon, usually the best line in the
poem, this line always comes heart-ways. The line that
signals the beginning of this text is one of those lines
that could've made a poem. For me, yeah? Other people write
good poems, when the entire poem comes from the heart, ok?
Soul, I'm talking about soul. Not like me. My poems suck.
When I experienced what hell was like, spending a longer
than baby-baking time (so it felt) in a military base,
guarding horse-shit (if only there were horses in there),
holding a greasy 60's M1 and spending too much cash on coke
and cigarettes, just when I was getting too much of a
nervous train-wreck to even be able to smoke, an angel has
descended from above and spent some time with me, and a line
like those previously-spoken "poem-lines" bought its little
real-estate in my brain.
That line was (and I quote):
"My favorite place is anywhere with you." Meaning, even that
hell-hole, hot as that little piece of flesh between a
really fat woman's butt-cheeks, seemed like my favorite
place, when that angel descended, as I said, umm, from
above. Sounds like a Bryan Adams song. Makes me wanna puke.
But, if I were Bryan Adams, I'd write that. Cause that's a
good line too. Plus, say what you want about Bryan Adams,
that line expresses how I really felt at that particular
moment, even if it's not as poetic as it might seem to the
untrained eye. As I said before, my poems suck.
Though it might sound like yours truly said something nice
about country-rock, it's not like that. Really. Country-Rock
sucks donkey cock).

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