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Do you think that the promised land is a mother to the
Well I`m afraid it`s a mother to the dead
Seems like all them ass-holes of applause just made me close
my eyes
Cause while we`re waiting for the peace
Our little children die

Waste them bloodthirsty politicians, bear no ''necessary
Let`em rot away, show them how to play
Guess we hit and missed it time after time
Guess we could never read
Between the goddamned lines

Why did you kill, why did you the wrong one?
Leave his will leave his dream so far behind
How did we get, how did we get this far apart?
Could we lead life in peace beneath the rising sun

Tear down blood spangle bannered walls in hope for brighter
Else I`ll just find my place, My tears will draw no trace
Some say ''war is over but we`re not over the war''
Man ain`t no land of hate is worth your dying for


Now I`ll sky high the temples
Now I`ll rewrite the creeds
Now I`m to blow the candle
Now I`m... to disappear


Now I'm riding to the sunset in my new adopted homeland
I guess it heals my heart to be so far apart
Deep down, despite the changing seasons of my heart I miss
my home
But I`m happy in my way
And here I'm gonna stay

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לך או לכל צד שלישי בשל מסרים שיפורסמו
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בבמה מאז 1/6/04 4:56
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