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מנדי יודה
/ 274 Dizengoff Street

John began to shake himself from a very deep sleep he seemed
to have sunk into.
Slowly he opened his eyes and as his sight came back to him
the first thing he saw was a large clock spinning
John felt dizzy and he had an enormous headache, but it was
something else that kept him from thinking straight, a very
annoying sound, the sound of water, dripping, drip drop drip
John glanced downward and noticed the floor was covered with
water. He then carefully touched the water with his toes. It
was warm.
John was frightened, his body shook very strongly though it
was not cold in the room.
Drip drop drip drop...
John looked up to see what was above him. Looking up he
found a tap dripping hot water on his head, it was
intentionally left that way to torture him, so he thought.
John tested the situation once again, more consciousness
this time. The room he was sitting in was very small, John
was surrounded by four silver shining metal walls with no
windows or any other kind of openings except a small metal
door. In front of him on the wall above the door was that
old British designed clock. About five feet away from him
was a big, huge, metal table. On the table was an object
that seemed more or less like a big metal mug with nothing
in it.
Drip drop drip drop...
John could see his own image reflecting on the metal shining
walls. It was the scariest image he had seen his whole life
- John was sitting on a tall metal chair wearing nothing but
the ropes that was tying him to this unusual chair. His
black skin reflected smoothly on each wall but his yellow
eyes didn't.
Drip drop drip drop drip drop drip drop...

A strong sound cracked the silence. John woke up and quickly
opened his eyes.
The old British clock showed it was about ten hours
Drip drop drip drop...
The door opened.
A woman entered the room and the door closed behind her.
A tall dark beautiful woman, wearing nothing but a big
silver pin to her hair.
John tried to talk, to scream, to ask her what is going on,
where he is and why. But he couldn't, his mouth was bondage.
The woman didn't say a word but she softly spoke her body
language. John could understand what she was marking him,
she 'told' him to be calm and that he is going to be all
right. At least that's what he wanted to believe she was
Drip drop drip drop...
The woman started performing an erotic dance, she danced all
over the room, sensuality exposing each part of her
beautiful body.
John could not help the biological reaction of his body, he
began to feel hot and sexually stimulated. The warm fuzzy
feeling spread all over his body, especially around his male
Drip drop drip drop...
The woman, noticed john's reaction to her erotic dance, and
she began to get near him. Closer and closer she came until
she was dancing so close to him that he could feel her heavy
breathing touching his neck's skin.
Drip drop drip drop...
John tried to move he wanted to join her. He wanted to touch
her. But he couldn't, the ropes were stronger than his will,
stronger than his desire.
Drip drop drip drop...
The women stopped dancing and stood in front of john. She
went down on her knees and screamed. A heart tearing scream.
As if her leg was cut off or her baby boy had just died.
The women sent her left arm towards john and grabbed his
pines then with her right arm she pulled out the silver pin
from her hair, the jewelry turned out to be a knife.
John felt the most horrible pain in his pelvis, he saw the
woman holding what used to be a part of his body over the
mug. And as he passed out to unconsciousness he cold hear
his blood dripping in to the mug
Drip drop drip drop drip drop drip drop...

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