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But all of a sudden, her new, sparkly red shoes, had lifted
her from the ground and carried her out of sight. In a
minute, Molly found herself on the North pole, there she saw
a big castle covered with blue snow.  As she approached the
castle, it turned and opened its doors.

Molly went in and found herself wearing a beautiful brand
new blue dress. All of a sudden, she felt like she was
standing in a boiling hot pot of water. As she stood in the
water, she began to feel great pains inside her chest, as if
a thousand knives were cutting through her body. She wanted
to cry, but her tears had dried up. She wanted to cry for
help, but there was no reason to do so - Her heart turned
into ice, she wasn't frightened anymore. In fact, she felt

Suddenly, out of the blue, her little brother, Steve, was
there. He saw her laying there, approached and touched her.
She was as cold as ice and as pale as a ghost. He started
crying and shaking her until she woke up.

As Molly woke up, she saw that Steve was sound asleep and it
was still dark outside. It was then that she realized that
as she woke up, she was shaking with fear. Molly got up from
bed, drank a cup of milk and went back to sleep, and this
time she had a nicer dream...

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