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It was an ordinary day on Mt. Olympus, everybody were bored
because they had nothing to do. Suddenly, out of the blue, a
golden ring with a huge diamond fell on the ground, the
writing on the ring said: "Aphrodite's ring of love, whoever
wears it will be loved until the day he dies." An argument
started between the gods, everybody wanted to wear this
ring. They've all wanted to be loved.
Among the gods was Ares, the god of war and Hades' ally,
once Hades heard about the ring, he wanted it for himself.
He said to himself: "At last! All the inhabitants of hell
will love me unconditionally no matter what I do to them,
The following night while everybody were fast asleep, Hades
sneaked onto Mt. Olympus and stole the ring, he returned to
his kingdom and put it on. He waited and waited, but nothing
happened, he threw the ring into the fire with fury and
yelled: "It's fake! The inhabitants should have come to me
and say how much they love me, it's not fair".
Indeed it wasn't fair. The gods replaced the ring with a
fake one. They didn't want Hades to get the real one.
One sunny day, Zeus, the king of the gods, decided to put
the ring on.
Soon enough, all the gods came to him to tell him how much
they loved him.
Zeus enjoyed this attention very much, he loved the fact
that all the gods and all the people loved him, he received
presents each day and they practically worshipped the ground
he walked on.
What Zeus didn't know is that along with this joy of being
loved, comes also hatred for others which leads to
loneliness. Day by day the love for Zeus grew stronger; and
also Zeus's hatred for others grew stronger. With each
passing day, the gods showered Zeus with love, Zeus started
to feel suffocated from all the love he was receiving, and
he begun to treat everybody with hatred.
Aphrodite noticed what was happening and decided that the
ring should be destroyed, she thought to herself: "People
should love each other without magic or special rings".
She called her servant, Amadeus, and told him: "When Zeus
and the gods are asleep, steal the ring from him". Amadeus
obeyed and did what Aphrodite asked of him.
At last the ring was returned to his owner, Aphrodite threw
the ring to the bottom of the deepest sea, and it
Many people and many gods have searched for this ring, but
all in vain, the ring was lost.

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