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ג'ולייט סול
/ Boy on a Bus

Most of my girlfriends dream about a prince charming that
will one day come and sweep them off their feet, and then
they'll live happily ever after.
But me, I dream about a boy on a bus like Nanna tells

Every Hanukkah since I can remember, after the dinner Nanna
would gather all of the kids near the fire which sizzled
with smoldering embers and tell us the same story of the boy
on the bus.
I was only 15 that day, she would say while wrinkling her
brow, trying to recall all the details (because Nanna liked
to tell stories exactly the way they were, and if she said
the sun shone instead of saying it rained that day she would
get mad at herself and forget to tell the story).
It was raining and I had no umbrella, she'd say. I was
waiting for a bus on Royal Street because I had to get home
to tell Mother the news from the war, tell her that daddy
was fine, she would say anxiously, like she had to make us
feel the same as she did then, standing there soaking wet
waiting for that bus.
Eventually it came, and after 2 stops an old man in a brown
raincoat with a cane came on the bus, along with a young boy
with muddled blond hair and crimson cheeks from the cold.
When they approached me I stood up and let the man have my
seat, because I was a very well mannered child! - Nanna's
face would suddenly become stern, and she would wag her
finger to make us understand. And then, after a while the
young boy looked up, and said 'thank you'. I just smiled
because he had the nicest smile, like a rainbow, Nanna would
beam and look away to the distance and sometimes we would
have to tap her on the shoulder because it was as if she
wasn't in the room anymore.
He never said anything else, and neither did I... Nanna
would look down, as if she was ashamed of herself, but
quickly look up, smile and say, but it didn't matter at all,
because I met him again 5 years later in a ball, he kissed
my hand and asked me if I cared to dance, and 1 year later
we were married. Nanna's face always shone when she got to
that part, and all the kids would open their eyes wide as if
they never heard the story before so Nanna would be happy,
but that's not why my eyes would widen and I couldn't help
but smile. I loved Nanna's stories no matter how many times
she told them, and every time I was sad because I didn't
have someone to laugh or sing with, I'd just close my eyes
and know that on a bus somewhere out there there's a boy,
and someday, when the time is right, we will meet and I will
sweep him off his feet.

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