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ענת ברשטיין
/ At a restaurant

A couple walks into an expensive restaurant, and finds out
that their forks are dirty.

Hanoch: (surprised to see the dirty forks) Anita look at
this, my fork is dirty!!

Anita: (surprised also) Honey look, my fork is dirty too!!!
It's outrageous, I think I should complain!! (To the waiter)

Sam: Yes, what seems to be the problem?

Hanoch: Don't you see that our forks are dirty?

Sam: (in apologizing tone) I'm sorry about this, you'll have
to excuse our cook, he got wounded last night, he forgot to
wash dishes.

Hanoch: (in ordering tone) Well, bring him here right

Joe: What seems to be the problem?

Anita: (a little upset) Can't you see that our forks are

Joe: I'm sorry about this, you'll have to excuse our.....

Hanoch: (interrupting him) Oh, for crying out loud, who are
you going to blame next?

Joe: (Insulted) I'm blaming anybody, I just....

Anita: (angry) So, what are you doing then?

Joe: (still insulted) I'm only telling you the reason why
the forks are dirty. It's just my assistant got robbed last
week, he's in a bad mood, he forgot to wash the dishes. I'll
call him (to his assistant): Juan, come here at once!!

Juan: What happened?

Joe: (angry) Can't you see that the forks of these folks are
dirty, you idiot?

Juan: Oh, I'm sorry, I'll call the manager.

Anita: What for?

Juan: To apologize. (To the manager) Alex, come here at

Alex: How can I help you?

Juan: Can't you see that the forks of these folks are

Alex: (terrorized) Oh,  I'm sorry, It's a tragedy, I'll have
to quit.

Hanoch: (highly amused) What?!?! Because of the forks?!?!
Come on!! It's ridiculous!!! We'll eat with our hands.

Alex: But your hands are dirty, the food will get dirty!!!

Anita: Well, the forks are dirty too!!!

Alex: (almost crying) I just said I'm  sorry, we forgot to
wash the dishes, it's a tragedy, I must quit.

Hanoch: (angry) I'm fed up with you all!!! Don't quit, we're
leaving, we will never come to this restaurant again!! (They
leave and slam the door)

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