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Amid Carnival lights and fireworks' blazing
People walk by, bashfully gazing.
she gracefully stands there
Clad in ruby and gold,
Her stare is a mingle of new times and old.

Displaying a trunk full of trinkets and glass,
cotton candy and ribbons for a penny or less.
Each precious possesion,
She dispatches with song.
In the dead of the night her gifts are all gone.

The lights barely twinkle, determined to burn.
The ferris wheel's engine now turns it's last turn.
Her trunk seems quite empty,
She's ready to leave.
Yet one shiny object is caught on her sleeve.

I must sell it away before I can rest,
My one prize possession remaining for last.
It's unbearable heat
Growing mightier yet.
Oh please buy it from me before I regret!

It will adorn your outfits fairly,
It might disturb you, but just barely.
For a penny and a smile
It would flame with colors' bright.
Glitters pink while it is daytime,
Bursting red during the night.

It requires little care,
Keep it from the wind, never leave it bare.
If you look at it up closely
It would bind you with a spell,
You may never loose it surely, it clings tight to your

No polishing required if you wear it with a laugh.
If you buy with both hands open, I would sell it just for
It would recognize it's owner,
Beam with rays when you approach.
Oh please hurry! And buy from me my little trinket
Heart shaped broach.

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