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My spirit bore a secret aspiration.
Grace the earth with specs of beauty,
By a fierce imagination.
though quite homely implemented,
A flight of fancy thus created.

Smile at the infants that greet me on my path,
Accept a fragrant stalk from an old man on a bus
And praise him with a single breath.
Resurrect the melody once played on violin
Abandoned by a pixy and never played again.

Breathe for an old woman by a window shut
Lying feeble and withered.
Breath in her mouth the world she forgot.
In her lungs, in her limbs rekindle the years
Deliver the wisdom from her silent dreams.

Alas! Tumultuous vexation
Whirlwind of wrath,
And violent indignation.
Curse a lover treacherous that shattered porcelain fine.
Fight the wars of baffled boys
Their blood like water turn to wine.

I yearn to teach my darling niece
There is peace in all wars
War may dwell in peace.
Ugly is merely beauty ignored,
Magic is fact that remains unexplored.

Mostly to learn from the jovial doll
The immense pride she take
When she learns not to fall.
Climb two steps at a time, you're on top of the world!
Purest delight in two sapphire eyes, is a joy to behold.

Then by some force
Sprinkles sweet drops of pity,
Succeeded by remorse
So veracious and frail
After she pulls the sleepy cat's tail

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