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אריאל פיין
/ Pain & Penetration

I'm too tight, yet still he slithers in
Without a fight he violates my skin
I take flight and try to escape him
And the pain - pain & penetration

    The scars - pave a hellish path
    The agony - my lasting epitath
    And freedom - just something I can't grasp
    Something I can never have

I'm too young, but I've never been pure
I'm so plagued, a malady without a cure
Can't be saved, yes I'm damned for sure
Cursed by pain - pain & penetration

    Bloodstains - decorate a crippled past
    A fevered certainty that my sanity won't last
    Ghouls & monsters create the fiendish cast in my life
    But what's this life worth anyway

I'm too happy, Hint of a smile on tear-cracked lips
A broken body, gaping hole between my hips
Masturbation, emotional masochist
Hooked on pain - pain & penetration

    I'm a parody, a bane to mental health
    My own worst enemy, but I'll blame someone else
    Plead for mercy, yet I'll always rape myself

Another nail in my coffin...

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