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She stared at the wall, the silent wall, a wall that
couldn't speak, though - that wall of her room was one of
her few friends in this world
She always asked him questions - questions about people
outside, questions about people who have a life, about
forests, the forests out side, of sunlight, and clear
Her other friends were her bed - long 2 person bed, as if of
a princess, and her beloved window - whom she always stares
for hours at a time, and every time she does that, that
stare of hers, she cries.

She sat down on her chair and placed her hands on the desk,
grabbed a feather pen, and started writing a letter
It was a unique letter, the kind of letter you leave behind,
and the kind of letter you only write once.
She got up on her desk, exhaled air as hard as she could on
her oil lamp, she took the rope she made and hang it on the
lamp, and placed it on her head, pulled back her long smooth
hair and revealed her dismal face, and pulled the rope down
and rapped it neatly around her neck.

  Good-bye wall, you've always been so quiet as I talked,
you were
  A good listener.
  You too bed, you were always so comfortable, though its
too bad your
  So big for just me
 And you I will always remember you, for
letting me
 Look, for letting me stare, to look through you at this
place outside.

She came closer to the edge of her desk, she stepped on the
edge, one foot in midair, both hands on neck, one tear

There - she is hanged, she's floating...
Alas! The rope has snapped, she fell right down to her
precious floor, hurting her legs.

Frustrated, angry, all feelings in a giant blender of her
mind, she is confused, what to do? What to do?
She looked right up in despair... and she noticed her
faithful extinguished lamp - she got up on her desk, no rope
in her hands.
She grabbed the lamp, got back down from the desk, stepped
backwards and through lamp as hard as she possibly could on
her beloved window - betraying it with no second thought...
and it exploded outwards to that place outside, ofcours, her
next destination

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