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Laying out myself on paper
As revealed as I should be
Frosted by the wind of other's
Endless curiosity,
All that was real- no longer clearer
Than what my past once used to be
Imprisoned to believe that sorrow
Will always have an impact on me.

My great illusions finally grounded
Blocking me from losing touch
Reality's what I'm not quite fond of
I don't fit in all that much...
I live on great wheels of emotions
Spinning madly through this world
Up and down without controlling
Every single thought, untold.

If you could read into the future
You could read inside my mind
Then, maybe you would find the past
That gave birth to a child so blind...
The world's much more than we can handle
All in colors- warm and cold
Until you find the larger picture
You are bound to grey and old.

A happy sigh is all I'm craving
To accomplish when I grow
I've seen this universe in shapes
And states that you will never know...
The greatest secrets are still guarded
To be passed on to the ones
Who know the greatness in beholding
New worlds rush into the sun.

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