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1 - NORTH BEACH SF, Columbus Ave (before sundown).  

This girl is walking along Columbus Ave., then stops at a
red light. While waiting for the light to change, she looks
to the side.

cut to

The cars on the roadway are also stopping. Among them there
is a motorcycle's driver who is looking at the girl.

cut to

The girl turns her head back, still waiting, but then takes
another look to the side.

cut to

The motorcycle's driver is still looking at her, now
smiling. The light changes and the cars starts to move. So
is the motorcycle, but the driver is still looking at the
girl and shouting as he is getting far away  -

I  l i k e  y o u...

cut to

The girl doesn't get a chance to respond, she crosses the
street and keeps on walking.
The door men in the restaurants on the street are
interacting with her, they all have Italian accent.

And how are you today miss?

The girl only smiles back, embarrassed, and keeps on

may I say you look lovely...

Pretty much the same thing.

oh, La-Bella...

Then suddenly she enters a small cafe with big windows.

cut to

2 - THE SMALL CAFE, int.

This cafe is half full, mostly old people who are occupied
with some form of paper. The  girl orders raspberry tea and
then moves to the table near the window. She takes off her
long black jacket and hang it on the chair next to her. On
the same chair she puts her bag, then opens it and takes out
a fat notebook full of stuff (pieces of paper, envelops,
postcards) and a book. She takes a look around.

cut to

An old woman sitting alone. close-up of her swallow feet
trying to feet into a pair of old fashion fancy red shoes.
She takes out of her bag a small bag with some home made
cookies, glasses and a magnifying glass. She puts the
cookies next to her tea cup, puts on the glasses (only now
it is possible to see that the glasses are really broken,
it's missing one side), holds the magnifying glass and lifts
a newspaper close to her and starts to read, through the
broken glasses, through the magnifying glass.
cut to

A loudly table next to the girl, few old Italian men, with
hats and all who appears to be working on a crossword
puzzle. Once in every while they are asking the other people
in the cafe for help, all in Italian, it seems they have
been doing that for years now.      

cut to

The girl is making her tea, close-up of the water in the cup
turning to red, and then she starts to read her book.

cut to

The same loudly table, this old Italian guy says something
in Italian to the man behind the counter, the man behind the
counter answers, they laugh.

cut to

The girl is about to take a sip from her tea, but then stops
(as if she got caught), her hands still in the air holding
the cup. She looks at the loudly table.

cut to

Close-up of the same old Italian guy, he is looking at her.

cut to

Close-up of the girl, still holding her cup of tea close to
the mouth, smiling.

cut to

Same close-up of the old Italian guy, he is still looking
at her.

cut to

Same close-up of the girl, she puts the cup and her eyes
down -

OLD ITALIAN GUY (off-screen, heavy accent)
 Do you speak Italian?

 No, I don't.

 Cause I thought you understood what I've just said and
that is why you are smiling.  
 You got a beautiful smile by the way.

He points on his table, where the crossword puzzle is and
says to her -

 This is very difficult you know, it is the hardest
crossword puzzle in Italian.

 Well this is a very difficult book too.

She hands him the book to take a look, close-up of the book
shows that the book is "Human, All Too Human" by Nietzsche.
He opens it, close-up of the first line after the preface,
it says - "Chemistry of concepts and sensations..."

 Chemistry? You read a book about chemistry?

 No (smiles). It's philosophy.

 Oh, philosophy (pause). Never understood that (pause). If
you ask me it's a waist of time.

He hands her the book back, points on the crossword puzzle
again and says -

 This is real, this is tough.

The old Italian guy turns around and then says something in
Italian to the others on the table. They are all trying now
not to show they are looking at the girl. A live song in
Italian from the music box starts in the background. The
girl is back in the book. It looks like she is reading, but
every few minutes she glimpse at (cut to) the window, at the
people who are passing by. She gets caught again, someone
looks back at her as he is walking along the cafe's windows.
As he gets out of the last frame she gets back to her book.
But then he gets back to the frame, takes another look at
her and then moves on. She notice this at the very last
moment, and smiles to herself.        

fade into black.

3 - THE GIRL AND THE GUY (after sundown).  

The girl is picking her stuff into her bag, putting her coat
on and getting out of the cafe back to the street, then she
accidentally gets passed by this guy from the window. When
he notices her he turns around, looks at her, turns back,
but then again turns around and says -

GUY FROM THE WINDOW (slight accent)
 I saw you, sitting and reading in the cafe, you looked so
interested in the book and so calm...

 Yes I was..., I have seen you also, you came back...

Background music starts, zoom out from the girl and the guy
as they are walking and talking (it is impossible to hear
the rest of the dialogue). When they reach this point where
she has to go one way and he needs to go the other, (zoom
in) he takes out his wallet and gives her a card, she takes
it and put it in her fat notebook, where she also writes
something, tires a piece of paper and gives him. Now she
hands him her hand, as if for shaking hands, but he grabs it
with both of his hands and (close-up) kiss her palm. Then he
hands her her hand back. They split.

fade into black.
off screen - sound of Bart trains.

4 - DOWNTOWN SF, Powell Bart St. (day).  

Bart train doors are opening. The girl, this time wearing a
yellow coat, is getting out. she is walking towards the

cut to

A look at the city as it gradually appearing as the
escalators moves up: the black guy who is trying to sell
newspaper to help the homeless, the "have nothing to do"
people who are always leaning on the handrail that's
surrounds the station or those who are eating their lunch,
the long line of people who are waiting for the cable car at
the turnaround point, a group of people who are looking at
this black guy doing street steps.

cut to

The girl starts walking, passes the black guy who is doing
the streets steps, moves on and then stands outside the
"Gap" store as if waiting.

cut to

A street performer, a woman, all white, posing like the
"statue of liberty" but holding white flowers in her lifted
arm instead. At the edge of the frame is the girl, still
standing still. People are passing by the street performer
and react to her in different ways. Some look at her while
still walking. Some stop, look at her as if waiting for her
to move and then give up when she doesn't, then it's either
they move on or that they through some money to the can
beneath her, once they do that she starts moving, like a
doll, as if graciously thanking them, only for few seconds
and then moves back to the "statue of liberty" position.
Some of them flashes bills of money in front of her eyes in
a provoking way, but she stand still. Little children who
pass by points at her, asking whether she is alive or a
statue. A young man holding a scratch book is drawing her.
All this time the girl is standing still, as if competing
with the "all white" woman, who can stand still for a longer

cut to

This guy from the window comes from the side, kisses the
girl on the cheek, they exchange greeting words and then
starts walking together.      

dissolve to


Background sound of the ocean and of the eagles.
A look from the top - this girl and this guy from the window
are walking together along the Embarcadero, they start at
pier one.

Close-up of their hands show this guy from the window trying
to hold this girl's hand, but all she gives him is one
finger. They walk together this way for a while.

cut to

The girl and the guy from the window are sitting in a
restaurant by the water, at pier forty, face to face. The
guy from the window is always looking at her, and she on the
other hand avoiding his looks, as if looking for something
in the water, in the sky, on the flour, just not at him. And
when she does seem to have the courage to look at him it's a
very quick look, and then back to the avoiding.

cut to

The girl and the guy from the window are walking back on the
Close-up of their hands shows now that they are really
holding hands, crossing fingers and all.

cut to

Between one and two Embarcadero building, the girl and the
guy from the window are walking on the porch, where it is
possible to get a good look at the city. Then the guy from
the window stops the girl, turns to her, looks in her eyes.
They kiss.
The kiss ends in a warm huge, and then he says to her -

I had a really good time. I would really like to see you

I had a really good time too. I will call you.

Good. I'm sorry I have to go now.

They kiss shortly again and split. This girl is walking
towards the shinning lights and colorful posters of the
cinema in building two. The guy from the window walks in the
other direction, as he walks he takes few looks back at this
girl, she doesn't notice that.

fade into black.
off screen - romantic movies music.


On the screen a man and a woman are about to kiss, finally
they passionately do.

rough cut to

On the screen "the end" and the credits starts.
The light is back in the theater and the girl is getting

fade into black.

7 - BART STATION, int.

The girl goes down the escalators to the "all trains". In
the background there is the sound of the mechanical voice
saying - "train to Pts bay point in 15 minutes... train to
Richmond in 18 minutes...". There are people here and there,
not crowded. The girl sits on a bench where she leans on
someone's back and waits for a train to come.

cut to

The same shot, two people, a man and the girl, back to back,
on a bench, only this time from somewhat a distance. As the
girl is starting to talk - zoon in, but only on the girl
side, there is never a good look at the man. They talk

I went to see him today.

Oh you did..., how did it go?

I don't know.

common, you can do better then that...

Well, I really do not know, I mean, we were together like,
half a day? then he had to go to work and I went to see a
movie, where I saw kisses, and like I always do, I thought
to myself how lovely and how I wish to have that also. But
then I realized that I just had that, you know, the guy
kissed me just before he left and -

- And what, no fireworks and music?

Let's just say I was more thrilled from the kiss in the
movie then in real. And there were no fireworks or music in
the movie. Maybe music, there must have been music. You
know, it was a really good movie, really good movie.

Really? what was it about?

Well, it was about this guy, who meets this woman on the
street and he knows she is the one. So he persuades her to
go out with him and then they fall in love and all that

That's it?

Well yah, that's basically it.

fade into black.
The end.

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