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Rainbow Girl

[to Keshet Guttmann, on her 16th birthday]

It is of such glow one is charmed
Of those rays of untamed grace
Flowing into a marvelous flood
Streaming directly from that gentle face
It is of those features, of that eternal sparkle
An ocean of joy to wash this land
For those of us in need of a body as subtle
She compensates twice with the touch of her hand
And so we rejoice, for of her positiveness she showers us
And so we'll yield for the touch of her smile, rainbow

© February 2001

Roni's Sonette

[to Roni Arkush, on her 17th birthday]

What if Mercury would take Roni's beautiful face
And plant jewels and flowers instead
And the smile that I've known to be full of magic and grace
Would turn into a wreath of pearls that would circle her
What if the shining in her eyes would be stolen
And replaced with a lightning of storm
And none would remain from the familiar angel that's fallen
But a touch, still velvety and warm.
I would watch Roni bloom within the opulence of colours and
And follow the daffodils and primroses on her cheeks as they
And with longing I'd breath in the scent that would so
sadden and bemuse
For I'd still miss the human whiff of Roni so.
But luckily, Mercury doesn't exist and so human Roni
And to me she's more wonderful than any creation of nature
judged against.

© November 2001

The Sea Traveller

[to Rotem Yaniv, on his 19th birthday]

I'll look out, when spring's over, for you travelling prince
of water
If your journey is to last furthermore;
If should the sun hesitate so long you should still wander
I'll be watching, I'll be waiting ashore.

For the autumn concern, I will wish you'd return,
And the waves will twinkle with glee;
And gulls will chant in every corner you'll turn,
Welcome home, welcome back to the sea.

© June 2002

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