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גלעד סויסה
/ Forever yours

The feelings of another part from my life has returned
without them i'll be forever free...
my desire to become a faithful lover
to my beloved women..
has turned my inner war into a neuclear one.
and now i'm torn apart -
between the ambition to an indulgent life and the maturity
of a Human being
as i saw it in the past, and now... if you will ever hug me
with your warm arms and kiss my drooling mouth

I'll be forever yours forever yours...
as my heart promises you that i'll be
forever yours, forever yours...

as long as my heart can take it... there will never be
and i'll never look back,
every day when i'll look at you i will see the princess
shining with the beauty of the dawn
even when you're old and the signs of old age will show up
on your face,
my heart will never stop pumping fast as hell, my baby...
because -

i'll be forever yours,forever yours...
as my heart promises you that i'll be
forever yours, forever yours,my baby...

when you will be ashes... in a dark airless coffin.
i will always look back and have dreams about you
and deep in my secret thoughts i'll be always unite with
like i used to every night.

because i'm forver yours,forever yours...
as my heart promisses you that i'll be...
forever yours,forever yours, forever yours

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