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רוצה עוד
/ X-Men: The Gift

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house
not a creature was stirring, except Remy and Rouge. (Several
hours earlier)

The students of Charles Xavier were opening their Christmas
presents. After all of the presents were opened and everyone
was sitting in the living room talking. Prof. Xavier called

Rogue stood beside Charles, "Yah called?" asked Rogue.

He pulled out a present wrapped in gold paper. She took it
and ripped the paper off of the box. Rogue opened the box,
inside was a bracelet and a note. She picked up the note and
read it:


This is a special bracelet. While you wear it your powers
while be canceled and you will be able to touch people.



She looked up at Charles, "Yah mean Ah can finally touch

He nodded, and smiled. Rogue took the bracelet from the box
and ran off into the living room. She ran into the living
room and stopped just before she ran into Remy. She put the
bracelet on her left arm and pulled Remy into a hug. Rogue
stood on her toes and kissed Remy on the cheek.

After Rogue finished her kiss, Rogue looked around the room,
everyone stared at Rogue and then at Remy. Remy smiled and
took Rogue's hand.

"Sugur, come upstairs with me," Rogue said into Remy's ear.

"Are ya sure Chere?" He asked.

"Yes, Ah'm sure, Ah've wanted ya since the first time Ah saw
ya," she replied.

"What are we wait'n for, lets go," Remy said.

Rogue hurried up the stairs to Rogue's room, being closely
followed by Remy. Rogue opened the door, Remy walked into
the room and turned on the light, he walked over her bed and
sat on the edge. Rogue followed, once she was inside the
room she turned and locked the door.

She turned to Remy and said "Ah can finally have ya." Rogue
pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it into the
corner, then walked over to the bed.

"Ah like what Ah'm see'n," he said, "now it's mah turn ta do
some undress'n." He pulled his skin tight t-shirt over his

Rogue took a sharp breath, she was stunned at the we defined
muscles of his chest and arms.

Remy pulled Rogue onto his body and laid back, he mouth
found her's and their lips touched, his tongue slipped
between her soft lips, his tongue searched every tooth and
searched along her gums. While his tongue was working around
her mouth his hands reached around her back and undid the
clasp of her black lace bra. It was quickly tossed into the
pile of clothes.

Rogue sat up. Remy let out a breath as he saw her breasts
for the first time, they were the same lily-colour of
Rogue's flawless skin, the nipples were the same rose-colour
as her soft lips.

He bent forward and started leave a kiss trail, on her
cheek, chin, neck shoulder, and finally on her silky soft
breast, his tongue circled her soft nipple, then he gently
bite the already harden nipple.

"Ah t'ink Ah'm get'n all da attention here Sugur," she said.

"Ah don't mind," he responded.

"Non, Ah want to enjoy ya," Rogue said.

She leaned forward and started to kiss his shoulders, then
his pectorals, and finally his well defined abs. Each kiss
triggering a moan from Remy. Then she undid the button on
his jeans, unzipped the fly and pulled them off, he lifted
his ass as she pulled, they slid down his legs and she
tossed them onto the floor. She looked at his underwear, a
g-string made out of a silvery cloth. There was already an
large bulge.

Rogue kissed his ankle, then up to his knee, then along the
inside of his thigh, getting ever closer to his groin, she
kissed the bottom of his bag, then up the front, along the
extended rod, then she started to pull down his g-string
revealing a seven inch member sticking out of a nest of
curly brown hairs. Remy moaned, "Oh, ya are push'n all da
right buttons Chere."

Rogue kissed the head, licking it. Then she licked down one
side and up the other, she opened her mouth and slid the
whole rod into her mouth. Remy started to thrust his hips up
and down, while Rogue's hands started to spread up from his
groin onto his chest, she felt every well defined muscle,
then she started to caress his balls, he started to moan and
breath heavily, she knew he would soon cum.

Remy came, shooting cum into her mouth, she withdrew his
cock from her mouth and moved it down to her breasts, he
shot all over her soft breasts, when he stopped she licked
the cum from his head and moved her hands onto her breasts,
she massaged the cum into her breasts, in slow circles.

"Ah t'ink t'at was da best head Ah've every had Chere,

"Ah, was glad Ah could do it for ya, sugur."

"Now its ma turn to repay da favor," he said.

He pulled down her skirt, revealing a black lace g-string.

"Same taste, Ah've got," he said smiling.

"Ah guess so," she said with a grin.

He leaned forward and started to kiss her breasts, tasting
the flavor of his own cum, he though, as he removed her lace

He looked down to the triangle of hair that framed her sex.
He opened the lips of her pussy revealing the soft
rose-coloured skin within, he started to kiss her mound,
then his tongue darted in and out, licking her clit and the
folds of her pussy, he took a long breath in, he would
always remember that sweet musk, he reached under her and
stuck to of his fingers into her, he moved them in and out,
Rogue's breath quickened as her arousal increased. Rogue
started to moan, "Ohhh, da feels so good Sugur!"

Rogue could feel the climax coming, she put her hands on
Remy's head pushing him deeper, she came, coating his
fingers as she spasmed. When she finished cumming, Remy took
his fingers from her sex and licked the fluid off of his
fingers, savoring the sweet taste.

"T'at was great, Ah t'ank ya for it sugur," she said between

"It was no'ting Chere Ah was happy ta do it for ya," Remy
said still licking his fingers.

They laid down beside each other. Minutes passed while they
lay beside each other kissing, feeling ever curve and muscle
of their lover, enjoying the sensuous smells of love and the
feel of each others skin against their own.

Remy turned and lay over her holding himself up with his
arms, he kissed her, this time Rogue's tongue worked its way
into Remy's mouth, exploring, she could still taste her
fluid mixed with the flavor of his mouth.

Rogue moved her hands to his shoulders, slowly moving them
down onto his ass, it was firm and was perfect she pushed
his hips down onto her, he guided his cock into her, he
started to thrust down pushing his manhood deeper into
Rogue, she didn't know how much further it could go, after
what seemed like forever she finally felt his balls smack
against her ass.

She loved the feeling of fullness he gave her, she started
to follow his thrusts with her own.

Rogue started to float up, pushing Remy up with her, soon
she was hovering two feet from the mattress below.

"Ah didn't know ya could do t'at Chere?" Remy questioned.

"Ah didn't either Ah thought ma powers didn't work," she

"Ah well, it make dis so much better," he said.

They continued to thrust in unison pushing ever closer to
their mutual climax.

Remy reached his first, he shot cum deep into Rogue, the
feel of cum against her inside pushed her over the edge, she
started to spasm, losing control, she could not concentrate
on flying, causing them to fall onto the soft mattress
below. When Remy and Rogue hit the mattress Remy's cock
slipped out of Rogue and he landed beside her.

Neither of them moved for a long time, Remy was the first to
recover, he turned his head and looked at Rogue. She looked
like a goddess. A smile crept onto his face. He reached over
and pulled her into a hug. Soon after she recovered, she
looked up into Remy's eyes.

"Dat was absolutely da best sex Ah've ever had Chere," Remy

"Ah know it is da same for ma Sugur, we have to do dat
again, soon," Rogue said.

Rogue put her head on Remy's chest and drifted off to sleep,
Remy kissed her forehead and soon drifted to sleep.

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