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מדורי במה

דניאלו קלרמן
 The Feeder

אל היצירות בבמה האהובות על דניאלו קלרמןאל 30 היצירות האהובות שנבחרו לאחרונהאל היוצרים המוערכים על ידי דניאלו קלרמןאל היוצרים המעריכים את דניאלו קלרמן

Beware of strength in numbers
They play better than one.
A group of those who follow
will never reach the sun.
Be careful who you're thinking will save you in
the end,
Maybe we're all just waiting for one beautiful
Great Northern- "Numbers

לרשימת יצירות הסיפור קצר החדשות
"אני יודע. וזה באמת נכון... ואני באמת מאמין בזה... אז למה
אני ככה? למה אני פוגע בכולם?"
" מורגן, אתה חייב לענות לעצמך... אבל אני יכול לומר לך שזה כך
כי בסך הכל אתה רוצה שלכל מי שמסביבך יהיה טוב... יש לך כוונות
טובות בסך הכל, אבל זכור- הדרך לגיהינום רצופה

הגיח לאוויר, שלא מרצונו, תינוק.
ועד היום, היקום מתחרט על זה.
וכך גם התינוק.

ואני ידעתי שהיא ידעה. זה היה במבט שלה. לשבריר שניה. זה היה
כאילו היא ניסתה לשדר לי שהיא יודעת ושגם היא מעוניינת, אבל
היא מעדיפה את המשחק. המשחק מצא חן בעיניה, כי ליבה ומוחה היו
כשל ילדה קטנה המשחקת בברבי שלה, והיא ממציאה את העלילה, שולטת
במהלך העניינים. ה

לרשימת יצירות השירה החדשות
{It's so empty now in this worldful of people
All that's left are nothing but dreams and hopes...
So what has gone wrong?)

We need a change or something,
the dark skies won't mind to stay...

Million different voices
and only one true decison!

You sucked the life left right out of me
and I promise that it's the last time,
that's why I keep my gates unlocked for you...

Lie down in darkness next to me,
Bodies and souls entwined for eternity.
Let's drink this wine and swollow those pills,
Let's achieve wholeness in death and forget our lives.

Once upon a waste of life
All I thought I had was never truly mine...

Sun in the middle,
It's all so clear,
Everyone's obscured.

So what's your name?
Like it's really true, anyway.
Forget this place,
You never belonged, anyway.

All these people shedding each other's blood,
Off with their heads with smiling eyes.

A distance kept,
Too much tears been wept,
Life is nothing but passing time.
Let it never be said
That a chance has been wasted,
Just tired of trust being betrayed.

You and me
It's pulling me down;
Tearing me down

Washing away every trace of myself away
Encouraging the life-force to enter into me
And to refeel all the dead cells that once were alive and
To rejoin life to have one more chance for joy.

I see your blood drops on the floor
And all of my hope is gone...

In body present,
In spirit- floating around
in a pocket of air.

There must be no more pain,
And no more tears,
You're not to blame
For what they choose to see.

it's a circle of existence,
never to be broken;
i still tear myself.


I've seen so many people like you
And I know that those who choose to stay always lose.
You can be like the sun,
Forever hiding behind the clouds,

Destroyed by human beings,
I need to bite the hands
that turned me cold as stone,
where's that needle?
I don't need anything
Or someone unrelated to judge me,
So please now, can you hear me?

No matter how deep is the sea
Or how deep are you,
I want to drown

I have fought all the wars in my head,
I have tried to bury my hand in the sand,
I want to kneel and repent,
But I can't,

And what have we got?
We're paassing away time,
soon the world will release its last breath,
what's past is done and gone.

no more words,
no more goodbyes,
no more pain,
it's all so quiet

You will ask and you will look sincere,
But I have my doubts,
I always had

I've seen you changed,
So many different shades,
The wheel keeps turning
And where it stops- no-one cares.

And now I can never greet anyone with a smile,
Can never believe that I still belong,
Too many things have happened here

It's no rain that falls on me
Just some long-lost teardrops.
And all I ever wanted
Was some place to call my own...
And now it's gone...

Lightning storms on the horizon,
Deafening thunderstorms;
The rhythm of the falling rain
Makes you feel so lost.

Don't give up just yet
Even if it seems that there's no more hope.
As long as we live and breathe
We still have a fighting chance.

And when nothing is sacred anymore
And the devil is knocking loudly at your door
You'll still be staring down at the floor.!

But I'm still standing on my own two feet,
High above the world and facing the rain,
Excepting that nothing will be the same again.
I don't know what I will become,

I'm here,
Sitting at the edge of the bed,
Wished to know what happened to you.

I ran around,
I ran around disoriented,
I ended-up nowhere,
Ended-up with myself

Every single word you hear
Is a constant reminder of pain?
Every memory you throw yourself into
Is another everlasting pain.

I never find
A place to hide.
I never cried
And God knows i tried

They have their eyes on me
And all they want to see is everything I ever done wrong,
They feed and thrive on my negativity!
I am so misunderstood,

She don't know no pain,
She doesn't feel any blame...

There is no sanctuary and refuge
From this feeling that always keeps me down.
I can't hold on for you anymore,
I see the image of a child

"You can't get what you want
You will lose what you've got.
There's no comfort in the cry
Just surrender to me and see me shine in the dark."

It can be sensed in the air,
A terrible feeling of a death storm.
Evil winds blows too strong
And no birds to sing a song of hope

Since you build that wall around you
You've become my one true fight
But for now it's not a debate,
If you fall I will follow

Bet be advised that it doesn't matter your strength
The sun will bring you down.

And in the end
what is a friend?

Let's take a walk tonight
under the moon and stars and life,
let's forget all that we are
inside a dream that no-one could ever invade.

I need a phone call... I need a raincoat...
I need a train... I need a car wash...

A fight for understanding;
The meaning of life itself
lost in the struggle for survival.

Long road to go home,
Many people to get hurt by
One day I'll come home,
Until then don't say a word...

Don't feel right {something's wrong}
My sight grew dimmer {it's time to fall},
It's just a case of bad weather outside,
Or so they say
But I don't really care...

Why should I care...!?

and all there's to say
sailing on a little boat,
trying hard to describe
what had happened here.
looking in the saddest eyes,
knowing there's no-one inside,
it's raining hard in heaven now.

Felt so ugly, felt so unlucked,
Drwoned all my sorrowes,
I drowned my lifeline.
Ten times bigger and ten times high,
Can't recognize my trouble,
Can't reazlie my crime.

For I know everything
And I know nothing
Of what will come opun us,
Though you'll always hear me say through the dark shadows of
"Come what may
For I will wait

Catch the girl when she's coming,
Catch the things when they're coming,
Catch your life when they happen,
Catch the dream while your dreaming.

Who are you now?
What have you become?
A cynical sight,
Eyes without a smile.

And a kiss will bond us together;
Not a phisycal bond,
But a spiritual love
That will last forever,
and ever more.

all the dogs had ran away
from the cats they are hiding,
all the fathers seeks refuge from their sons.

Every morning I wake up
Looking at my pelow
That's wet with tears.

And in my head
Small flashes of light in the dark,
A brief, blinding glimpse of light
Engulfing me now.

Head down the highway,
The wind's playing with your hair,
Embrace this new freedom.

In the middle of the street walks a man
In slow motion.
People walk past him, faces in a blur,
Rushing ahead to somewhere.

Tell me the truth,
It's hard to be missed
As the last train's leaving.
Let it come home,
Pick up the phone
And tell me something.

and it's all right this way,
yeah - i think that life would work out OK,
as long as i keep this masquerade

But one way or the other
I have failed myself with my own illusions
of grand plans and high expectaions

A dark could passes over me,
Teardrops rolling down on my feet

Think of me,
Six feet under concrete.

It's Judgment day,
No place to hide.
They are the messengers from above,
Trying to change us all.

Avoiding the image we see in the mirrors,
Afraid to admit that we are what we see...

Just one moment...
Just one second...
Just one word...
Is all it takes...

When I talk to you in my mind,
I try to explain
But it seems so un-perfect,
So unwell.

Illuminating some pictures from a long-lost past.

there's a murder in every town,
there's a victim in every mind!!!

It's another damn lie that shatters my brain,
It makes me so tired because I could never forget
How perfect were those fights
And how silently we fell into the void

i never saw you,
i never heard you,
i never thought it actually could kill you.
you never hugged me,
you never saved me,
you never thought it actually could save me.

I wish for someone to tell me
When did we go blind?
I wish for someone to explain
When did things go that bad?

Every footstep is a journey,
And every instance of it is mine,
And only mine.

The Floor beneath me is shaking and rocking...
The fractures on the walls are the wholes in my heart...
There's no reflection cause i'm not real to myself...
The wind had taken all that's left behind...

Now more than ever
I feel wrong inside myself
For I don't feel anything no more,
Only the darkness of my thoughts
That swollows me whole into the void.

i miss the moon so much,
i miss the stars,
it's so lonely out here on earth.

Between life and death nothing has left,
The vultures dive to intercept,
Like a dying animal the friendship rolls onto its side,
You stand there watching and waiting for it to die.

This is how the light gets in
Sun-rays cracking between the palm trees
My shadow stands in-between
Not quite here and maybe never there.

You're still waiting for the ocean
To save you from the waves
But you're so far under,
So silent and never moving.

Hey, I don't need anything
But will it be a lot to ask you to just pretend?
Please, don't get me wrong,
But the illusion feels much better than this

Turn yourself into a new constellation,
Free and unbound,
The Phoenix Alive.

And now we find ourselves in this moment again,
No matter how much time will pass, it will never heal the
I never claimed that I am blameless,
But I'm tired of living inside this high-prison walls
For so long.

So what now is there left to do
When all the bridges got burned and I got stuck on the other
side of life?
What now- is there even any point of living
When my broken heart doesn't want to mend at all?

You are my butterfly

but then the race began,
in the end we're all get left behind.
in the dead of night we'll get drunk,
forget what we've tried to find

So trust me now,
I know it is too late,
To play God and save the human race,
The ears don't hear and the eyes won't see.

It hurts so much
It cuts like a knife,
She's losing her blood again

אהבה נכזבת
D,on't get me wrong- I know you too well
Your signal always comes clear over the weekends,
But I've got it bad, I gave up on sleeping,
Running towards you, can you hear my heart beating?

I told them all to kick back and think twice,
But they'd rather be roller-skating throughout the night.
And those thoughts, I've rotated them in my head too much,
Yet something so completely perfect turns out so impure.

My soul most be broken...
I guess it's not golden...
I thought you were with me...
But you were the guilt in me...

His eyes had been opened too much,
Got tired from all this hate and death,
Why the blood is so easy to take?

So here I am standing in the midst of time:
A Slender Frame,
Broken-up and bruised
Floating through life and time

soul mates forever they will be
in another world may be...

Shatter me down to pieces
Until there's nothing left of me.
Because even if I will resist
My words won't reach your mind and soul

These hopes and dreams and needs are crashing to the ground
Like raindrops into a puddle.

I am a hazard!
I'm a poison to my own self,
Stranger to myself.

You're getting closer,
But you can never be here and smile.
What did you say?
Promises that never been said before.
Your lips are inviting,
The world is disappearing from my sight,
You're reaching out your hands...

Left alone to face the biting cold,
May be wise but getting too old,
The strength to care even a little have all but gone,
A lone wolf by choice and by force.

Oh, You're never gonna get there later,
You don't deserve to feel more pain.
Your life hangs on the line with the drug you took
And the desert road is still long

there is no end, there is no start,
life is like the tempo of the sea

You're not like the others,
You never knew how much
You hurt me...

The fall is long, dark, timeless

Don't worry about me...
I will not fall down...
I will stay strong and alive...
So when you'll be coming back?

You lift me up,
You put me down,
I'm lost in your arms.
You build my life,
You tear me apart,
I'm out of control.
This is the story of a bad love.

This is me saying goodbye,
This is me fighting for myself,
And this is me eradicating you from my world,
And this is me now

That room
Saw too many fighting.
That body
Was inflicted with pain.

I'm alive because of your death.

Within the farthest corner of our worlds
There's a trapdoor leading to a faraway land
But we'll never dare
Crossing it until we're sure about what's waiting over

You never stood tall
And now you will fall!

So when the lights go down in the streets,
Who's gonna watch us now?
When we fall and break down
Who's gonna catch us, oh, who?

I lived,
Now I must die
and leave it all behind.

You must give love a reason
Before it's letting you go

The calm before the storm,
The wrong before the right,
The cold that kills the warmth,
The anger that burns bright;

It's all around,
No matter where you are or who you know,
The pressure is relentless,
Nerves are exploding

Not very long ago
I thought I was so sure

When you're trying to chain me down
And turn me into something that I don't like,
You know it will only lead to a catastrophe.

What makes you...?

We see too many of you crying.
We know you care but please, stop trying

Going back in mind I can't recall
someone who cared or even known.
Just smiling faces and lying eyes,
Well- they say I never looked hard enough.

Drink, smoke, inhale and shoot-up,
Just one more for the fools we are.
Steal, kill, murder and rape,
You know that no-one gives a damn

The march of life led by a myriad of souls;
Here today,
Gone tomorrow.

Why do I try?
Why do I cry?
Why i'm about to die
Just for you?

Floating on air,
You may think that
I don't care,
I just want to close my eyes

לרשימת יצירות המונולוג החדשות
יש הרבה דגים בים.
זה משפט שאימא שלי תמיד אומרת. ולא רק היא. כל מי שנמצא בחיי.
אבל מה... אני לא אוהב דגים. פשוט, לא אוהב אותם.
הם מסריחים, הם לא טעימים, ויש להם פרצוף מפחיד כזה אחרי שהם
מתים, עם העיניים הפתוחות שלהם והפה הפתוח שלהם.

אל הארכיון האישי (56 יצירות מאורכבות)
שניצל חושב שאני
גבר במסווה.

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